What is your “Uh oh” moment?

Haven’t we all! 😂 I did that one during a VA group flight and I come back like five minutes later, and I find 20 messages on slack like, why are you circling LAX, uhhh were you going? 🤦🤦🤦🥶


I did a group flight once from JFK to LHR and I departed then went to do something, came back an hour later and the rest are 1/4 over the Atlantic and I’m still over JFK lol


when i did a night flight jfk to aus then i fell asleep and end up running out of fuel and crashing my plane somewhere over the pacific ocean


You know you did something wrong when the over speed alert doesn’t stop 😂

That’s true horror 😂


“seems like a personal problem”-AFP95


When I forgot my gear on a half mile final into Heathrow

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When I fell asleep while holding short at Heathrow…


Many things
Accidently getting 6 level 3 violations in the space of like 2-3 months and got ghosted for a year (the year is going to be finished at the end of March) I swear they were all accidents like forgetting to put on my parking brakes when in the queue for takeoff and i start taxiing through other aircraft, but I don’t think anyone would believe me.

Not enough fuel on my first ultra long-haul, and i had this problem in 3 attempts to complete that same flight (EGLL-YSSY)

When I forgot to set my speed autopilot and my throttle is on idle for some reason on final while using APPR mode and my plane keeps pitching upwards to stay on the glideslope and decides to stall out and crash in an event (that was on TS, thank god)

Getting speed violations while VNAV is descending below 10,000 feet and I’m still on cruising altitude because I was away from my phone

Forgetting to put out landing gear on short final

My waypoints r too close together sometimes and my plane would just go in circles

Hopefully u dont wanna know any other moments

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I suddenly realize that I have no battery on my phone

The moment I just took off an ls realize I forgot fuel with only 5% remaining

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you communicating with ATC and app crashes

@Jaheim_Georges being 1nm away and same altitude lmao >_<

The moment i’m on take off and forget to set the fuel and balance


I remember this one distinctly:

Forgot to edit my speed so I was going 280IAS at around 10500 and I realize so I decide, “I will disable autopilot and go VERTICAL”, which resulted in a stall and a 8000ft fall, and I decided to leave the game.

Never again.


Here Infinite Flight Blooper - YouTube. I apologise because of the Greek Language but i can translate this😂😂


When the wind is 190 knots headwind when u packed 2. Hours of fuel for 1 hour and 30 minutes flight

Forgetting to clear someone for touch and go🤐

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Better to slow all thrust and lift

at least it wasn’t during your test, right?

yes sir not during the test

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