What is your “Uh oh” moment?

When yesterday I was on the right base runway 05R at Almaty Airport (UAAA) and the fog suddenly fell reducing the visibility to almost zero. Fortunately with some luck or talent I found myself perfectly aligned to the runway. (Autopilot off)
By the way, I created a topic about this flight, don’t hesitate to go and see it!

When I plan to fly from…

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IM not even sure of IFATC if feeling right now…about this

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Full mess!

Me realising that I left my landing gear down during cruise.

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landing lights, apu, flaps down and many more…


Your not on your own Phoenix!

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oh lol

I and I’m sure many other people do that too

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oh yes…me taking off from VIDP only to see a 77W taking off with the doors open

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So I was just at LAX and got a level 3 violation for taxiing through others.
Well, the other aircraft never showed up because my internet is trash and I didn’t see the squares of the other planes until in the replay.
Totally understandable though because I was 2nd in departure when the other aircraft was in front of me that took off. But I was busy changing my FPL and with the other planes not loading never noticed the other planes.
So that’s a great flight 😂
Oh yeah, and I’m grade 2 now, so I won’t be flying for a week lol


Once during decent towards KLAX on a 12 hour flight from LSZH i did set speed to 250 kts. Then i was busy with planning the arrival and ATC conversations, but suddenly ⚠️ a warning because of overspeed popped up! I had 270 kts while decending trough 10´000ft because my aircraft wasn’t able to reduce the speed with that sinkrate!
I immediately levelled off and extended the spoilers and did a „emergency braking“
Luckliy i didn‘t receive a violation :)


I was on Casual server going 1000 Miles an hour and run in to a Mountain by KAVX but I did not crash

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Bruh that happens to me like every flight I do lol because VNAV usually makes the descent rate quite steep


I used to have that problem with my iPhone 6. Now I have an iPhone 11 at maximum settings and no issues to report.


Recently I was at an expert server event at Dubai. I cannot remember if it was 150 or 200 pilots but I decided to reduce my airplane count to very low so it wouldn’t destroy my phone (although it is an iPhone 11). I was on the hold short line in a Qantas A380 and I was waiting for an aircraft who had just landed to clear the runway (UNICOM). Once they said that they were clear of all runways, I checked the radio and there was no other messages about 30L (the runway I was departing) so I looked down the extended centreline, could not see any aircraft and did my radio call. I then taxied onto the runway, took 10 seconds to do my general takeoff checks before applying takeoff throttle. At this point I saw an aircraft on my hud map on very short final so I decided to push the throttle to 100% to avoid a collision. At this point I became confused as he didn’t go around so a few seconds later I’m lifting off and the aircraft just landed. Then suddenly boom.
Level 3 violation for failing to maintain separation.
I was shocked I as I knew I wasn’t in the wrong since they never radioed that they were on final and also didn’t go-around. So I did what any person would do and contacted the moderator who gave me the violation.
Low and behold around 20 minutes later it turned out that it was mistaken for that landing aircraft who should have received the violation and it was removed. I once again have a squeaky clean flying record:).



Ok so I was doing a flight to KGPI from KDFW Literally just now, and I was flying the E175 (it was for AAVA and that was the aircraft available) Well let’s just say the range was not what I needed. I had full tanks, barely any pax and cargo and yet when my ETA was, say, 1 hour away, my fuel remaining was just a bit under, like. 57:00 minutes of fuel remaining.

I start my decent, and the fuel remaining is STILL less than my ETA. Around 45 nm out of my destination, my fuel is looking horrible, so I decide to divert to a very small airport at the very last second. So I circle and descend, and my fuel is at like 100kg, or about 5 minutes remaining. Well I get to short final, and I’m literally at 100 kts and somehow I’m not stalling (idk if it’s just weird physics, but we’ll blame it on that. Literally just as I’m about to cross the threshold of the runway, my engines cut out, and from that point on my V/S just starts dropping, but somehow, by a miracle, I safely “land” with a V/S of -1000.

Many uh oh moments in this


Lucky to be alive then!


When I accidentally made my waypoints to close together on departure so It would just constantly go in circles lol