What is your “Uh oh” moment?

I mean does it even have to be slow on takeoff and climb, yes I know it’s like in real life but I’m sure a a330 can go up to FL360-380 or FL400 but maybe it’s just a empty plane

When you’re about to do a successful landing but the plane starts veering off the runway

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When two waypoints are too close to each other, and the plane starts turning in circles at 35.000ft, you wake up, happy to start your descent, but you find your self somewhere over Alabama!!


Actually, that happened to me when I was on an oceanic track, and sometimes they crossover, and I was at 38.000ft and another aircraft was coming on the superposed track nd I realised it on replay mode!!

When the phone start to give the “Overheat Warn” on the screen and the app will be force to close


Yikes… i was doign a flight from PHTO-KDEN and i wa sleeping. I armed vnav on. And then… when i woke up… I was ghosted.

My “uh oh” moment was when I was flying a 787-9 on approach to NZAA. I had to go around because I was too high. During the base turn, I stalled and crashed.

I also had the A350 rock side to side during climb.