What is your “Uh oh” moment?


50… 40… 30… oops gear is still up


Having to do the ANTHM3 arrival into BWI or DCA. The minimum v/s is -2500 the whole way almost!

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thats the uh oh reason of why i stopped playing for a year, i aint affordin that any time soon

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Doing a one engine taxi in the DH8D and only realising you hadn’t started the second engine halfway down a 4000ft runway…

Disclaimer: I safely aborted the takeoff


Unfortunately this is a duplicate.

How bad was your worst flight?

Come on… this topic is like 5 months old now! 😂

I don’t think it’s a duplicate, this is just simply embarrassing/scary moments in IF, not your worst flight


Eh oh well😂😂😂

Probably on long-hauls when I’m trying to climb but I’m only doing about +1000fpm at 15 degrees pitch. Yikes! Then one time where I was approaching Mexico City but I forgot the altitude of MMMX!!! I almost crashed, had to pull like 3Gs to avoid crashing into a mountain.

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For the RNAV/GPS Approach 19 in KDCA you are aligned with RWY 15, then like 30 secs before touchdown on 19, you have to turn short final. Almost crashed a few times from the approach!!

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Flying into Aspen with no charts or anything. Ohh boy I went 10ft AGL over some of them mountains. Disengaged the AP around 3 times to avoid terrain.


Almost at V1 and realising I don’t have enough fuel


I had a landing at >600fpm today lol, phone lagged out (probably too many planes at ATC airport)

Me: “Okay gotta descend in 10nm”
Also me 15 minutes later: Realizes I still haven’t descended


I guess mine was recording a flight from MPM to DOH, and I set the autopilot after 10,000ft and went to sleep.

I must have accidentally touched my phone because the plane did a 360, stalled and crashed, and it stayed like that until 11am when I woke up, ready to descent into doha.


ALL THE FREAKING TIME. “Gear down boys! Get those spoilers out too!”


There was a recent incident where I was in a DC-10 ready to approach into Nairobi in Kenya. I already calculated my time & rate of my decent based on my MSL altitude. You see the problem was in that specific region of Africa the terrain was around ~6000ft (If I remember) above sea level which I failed to notice, which made my calculations incorrect. I checked in with ATC and was all set for an approach. I was banking right setting myself up when I quickly noticed something wrong. I couldn’t find the airport nor the lights indicating the runway, it almost seemed a bit hilly, I felt a bit “low”. I was delaying time while looking for the strip in confusion… maybe around a minute later I noticed the deserted ground seemed closer than it actually should be at 6,000ft. Then I stupidly clicked I was dead… low to the ground… I disconnected the autopilot and quickly pulled up trying to find where I was. I embarrassingly got to an acceptable though low altitude and uneventfully… though hardly landed in Nairobi. I was only like a bare 100ft from touching the hilly desert like terrain. At least I put the time to “noon” & If it was night or the actual current time in Nairobi… let’s just say I would of lost some cargo…:)


It’s happened to all of us! 😂 Just remember: “You can always, go around” (If you make it, because I probably wouldn’t have)


Has this squeaky moment yesterday as someone from a VA decided to cross the runway in front of me as I was taking off. Bum, clenched.


When i am in Training server And i am going 300 mph When at 10,300 ft on a 767-300 RIP