What is your ,,Uh oh" moment? Part 2

My last uh oh was durn the Super Bowl weekend I was doing my first long haul flight from New York to London but When I set my timer to wake up to land (3:20 am 💀) For some reason the timer never went off and I ended up landing at an airport just south of Frankfurt 😭

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when i was floating on the runway till half runway in-front of all VA pilots. That’s was so embarrassing

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my uh oh moment was when i was pretty tired and forgot about the “taxi via…” feature

firstly i pushbacked at the wrong direction
so then atc told me to taxi via (smth) at narita and i responded, but eventually forgot about this and started taxiing on my own :_(
(after i realized my mistakes i just ended the session because i clearly was tired and didnt want to ruin others’ experience)

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wrong hit that send wrong messages to the ATC

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Speed violation issued

I forgot to arm the spoilers, on a flight from KBOS - KSAN. 😬

i forgot to put LNAV on a departure out of LHR

my 738 from westjet stalled out

Another one of my uh ho moments was a little over a year ago I didn’t know what collaborate was at the time so when I turned my plane off of auto pilot, It then sent my plane into a nose dive 😬

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I had taken off from LFPG going to KMIA and around 30 mins into the flight I had ran out of fuel. Well I had forgot to put the sufficient fuel in the aircraft.