What is your ,,Uh oh" moment? Part 2

Shortly after take off,I forgot to switch on LNAV when I was climbing.When I recognized that,I was flying in a strange angle.I started to pull.but I failed to figure out which side is the ocean and which side is the sky until I crashed into the sea.


I forgot about my flight… three level 1 violations on a VA flight 🤦‍♂️

When leaving the game running on my iPad and had a low battery notification and the game paused for a while and went offline while flying MAD-MEX route.


One engine taxi. Low airspeed on takeoff. Need I say more?


This is quiet. I need it to be more loud

Guys? Make this topic active pls

Stalled in front of Dan in the Live stream 😐


Ouch… hurt

TUi 737-800 doing Gatwick to Boeing field for the 2nd time for Heavy Maintenance had a little oopsie.

(Autopilot disconnected on its own)


Mine was when i was landing at MLW

… ok ok I was just kidding. Mine was when i stalled out during t/o at Sydney and another time i set the flaps to 1 for landing wile i needed min at least flaps 2 for the landing so, yah i stalled during landing for slow speed

and yah, once i was playing with the rudder in flight at 2000ft AGL and i flipped…. u guys r smart enough to realise what happened next 💀☠️

…. I felt sad for the poor passengers

I was flying an A330 and decided to set the autopilot to climb to FL410. Turns out the A330 can’t cruise at FL410; which I found out after seeing the crash screen when I came back to my room after eating lunch…

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lol bro should have searched the cruise alt instead

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tht was a b737

Mine was when I made an otherwise perfect landing and realized I’d forgotten to arm the spoilers.

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can u share the recording?

Realizing I was now sitting on the runway with no gear down after completing a 10 hour flight - I could’ve sworn I had it down, but apparently not. I buttered the fuselage lol


uh oh, i think i found the prefect pilot…

me too!


filthy liar…