What is your purpose for doing Overnight Flights?

Hi Everyone,
I had a question. We all know we do Overnights to accumulate XP. But, have you ever thought of doing Overnights to help you get up early for work, or just to help you get up early in general?
I currently don’t do overnights often, but sometimes I do it so I can get up early, land, and be ready for the day.

An Example,
I have work at around 7:00AM EDT. I begin to plan what flight I should do. If I go to bed at around 9pm-9:30pm, I have to be up by 6am so I can make lunch, and head to work.
I begin scouting online for flights that last about 9 hours or sometimes shorter if I go to bed later.

I then begin the process of putting a Flight Plan, add fuel, check Windy.com (for Atlantic Crossings and Pacific Crossings) and then takeoff, monitor my flight until I reach my Cruising Altitude, and then head to bed and let the flight do it’s thing.

I have a secondary phone, so I set my alarm about 30 minutes early before landing (most of the time).
Doing this will sometimes help me get up and get ready for work, so that way I don’t end up late. It also helps since I can make my lunch for later in the day, as well as help me get used to getting up early, so I can enjoy the day better.

I normally fly International Flights into and out of my local airport in MHT.

That’s my purpose for doing Overnights. I will do it for fun if I have a day off sometimes.

What is your purpose besides gaining XP?


I used to do them so that it would fly while I sleep and while I’m at school. It worked out well and I still do it now but just not for school as I have finished now


I actually have never thought about the real reason behind doing overnight flights. It’s definitely not for XP because I don’t focus on the numbers anymore.

I guess it forces one to wake up earlier than usual just to land in time. God forbid you sleep late, end up crashing, and consequently getting a few violations (which is not the end of the world; this has happened to me on multiple occasions). No one wants that happening though. This is probably the one time I don’t snooze my alarm in the early morning haha.

It’s a really good way to pass the time (not just overnight, but also throughout the day). This is something I’ve never given much thought though. I just fly whenever I am bored which is almost everyday now.


I have thought of doing a Flight during the day (Was thinking of doing a 14hr flight since I work 7am-4pm (9 hours), and then go home). But I have never done it.

Yeah, I was planning one for tonight, but I am thinking of not doing it. Since MHT obviously doesn’t do International Flights, I have to use BOS as a reference, since they (obviously) have Int’l flights. Sometimes it is time consuming to do, since I have to find the right one for what I want to do.

I do have to get up tomorrow at 7am, and I am trying to find a Flight that’ll get me up by 6am

This is so relatable. Finding a flight to do takes me about an hour at most because I am just so indecisive on what to choose. Nowadays, I try to choose a flight based on a livery I never/rarely use. It definitely makes things more interesting and decreases the time it takes for me to choose a flight to do.

Tomorrow, for example, I’ll be flying Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi with the Etihad 777-300ER; a livery I have never used and a route I have never flown. I will also be flying this route in real time like the actual flight. Flying like this is actually much more fun and realistic, in my opinion.

May I suggest a route?

Assuming you’re leaving within the next hour, I suggest Boston to Zurich (LX53 or LX55) with the Swiss A330-300. The flight is about 7 hours long. I have done this flight before during the week of the global release. It was an overnight flight and was wonderful. I loved flying over the Alps as I began the approach into the Zurich. It offered some interesting views from the air and the ground. Try it out!

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I like doing overnights, they help accumulate XP and Flight Time while I sleep which is great. Start my flight at 9 PM from the East Coast and I wake up at 4 AM and land at Around 5 AM. They work for me as I usually am too busy during the day to actually fly.


There is no A330 in Swiss livery

I have to get up around 5:30 to land. So maybe something like a 6hr to 5.5hr flight will be good. I will do this flight Tuesday into Wednesday, since Wednesday is my day off

Edit: My bad, I don’t fly the A330, so I didn’t know it existed (Saw that it does exist).

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Simple Boston to London/Dublin/Paris hop will do then. Plenty of options at your disposal (Delta, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Norwegian, Primera Air).

There’s a Norwegian flight to Paris leaving Boston around 1AM (delayed departure). If you’re the type who likes doing real-time flights, then now is your chance. It should arrive a bit before 6 AM.


I was thinking of doing BA2 (JFK-LCY), might be a bit tricky, but I think the flight lasts about 6 hours or so.

Anyways, I’m not sure about tonight. I’m getting tired now. PM me if you have any more suggestions :)

It gives me something do to at night when I am bored, and something for me to look forward to when I wake up. I also love exploring the world in IF. I am all about real routes, so I have a piece of paper with all the routes planned, Departure time-wake up time. Short haul is a different story!


I do it for fun. After joining a few VAs, long hauls rakes up hours and I enjoy researching which routes I can fly.

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I do overnights when i can, but I’ve found i don’t sleep as well when i do cause I’m worried about waking up in time / worried about the timing not being right and being late for work …

It’s stressful ha


try doing LAX to LHR that a 10hr flight

I’ve thought about overnight flights as a way to wake up early, but never actually used them for that purpose.

I think there’s something really cool about taking off, setting the plane to cruise, and then waking up exactly on time for a landing. It feels good to complete a long flight like that, for me at least.


I tried it a few days ago for the first time just to see if I could do it…sadly the app crashed on tower view (which started viewing from space).

Interesting topic
I do it for many reasons
I always do it when I’m busy for a long time ,sleeping or whatever that occupies my time but why I do it?

First of all flying heavies are fun to me,and I like buttering them
Landing in places far from your origin is nice and satisfying at least for me
I just enjoy flying in IF as much as possible
And it’s nice that when you see your flight time say 12hrs 28min u get that “wow I flew for that long “ feeling
When you leave the device ,you are excited to wake up and land
Explore the world and see some great scenery
The satisfaction of waking up at the golden time ~140-160NM out,just where you can do some routine things in the morning and start your decent

Btw I don’t do it to wake up early cause I’m an early bird

Wow You stay awake for that reason !?!
I can’t live IF like that lol
I tend to wake up early so it’s usually not a big problem for me

I do it because I have school and I only really do long hauls during the weekend but this always me to do 4 long hauls during the weekend.

Hah yeah. When I’ve done overnights that are for medallions (guess you may one of few that knows what im talking about here) i always worry ill pull an @kylen15 and not wake up in time, or get there too early or something haha… the stress will make me not sleep well!


I need need that @AvaitionReport If you were able to put in to google docs. Guess I need to start working on a plan.

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