What is your private callsign and why?


I use ITU93 (full name initials and DOB)



N-US Based
LW- I like how it sounds
37- favorite number


Mine is PH-CCA, and sometimes F-HCCA

PH is the registration prefix of the Netherlands, where my father is from. CC, is my Virtual Airline (under construction), and the A is there because why not.

As for the F, it is the registration prefix of France. France is very important to me as I spend a lot of time there, and my grandparents are French. I can also speak French.

Happy flying everyone :)


N918LH because 1. It’s the first call sign I ever got randomly generated when I first joined live… sniff… good times… and 2. the syllables just flow like
my A 380


My private callsign, N-90D, is named after:

N-: the standard
90D: after my grandpa’s tesla model s which model number is 90D. My dream car😍. Please don’t judge me for liking cars on the IFC 😂

Aaaannnnd… it sounds super cool👌


My callsign is N202PC

The N is the US callsign prefix

The 202 has something to do with my birthday

And the PC stands for PlaneCrazy


Mine is IFC-MF…

Infinite Flight Community - Maksim Ferguson



VH is prefix for Australian Aviation and 7360 is my former Police Registered number.


@MaksimFerguson and @Jaquille_Ajb shall I add them to the call sign matrix? (Private Callsign Matrix)

@LouDon16 should we add all callsigns here to the matrix?


Yes please!

Thank you!


Yes please. Cheers mate!


GC for part of my name Desmond ‘‘Garryth’’ Annupoong '‘Cooper’'
41 the hours I had at the time on my account
MX M for Michael (My father’s name) X for my Xrayed injuries.


Yeah would make sense mate!


Mine: C4L1
Becuse it stands for Carrots4Luke1 ! And I love carrots.


Mine is very easy; VP-MAX

VP is the Russian prefix for aircraft, and MAX is my name.


N- US based
13- Age of my first flight
TX- Texas
28- Favorite number


COVFEFE—yes, seriously.


LX HON circle

LX – Swiss international airlines callsign
HON circle – My frequent flyer status with that airline :)


My callsign is N132KS

N - Callsign Prefix
132 - My favorite number
KS - My initials


Mine is NEL003 because… uh… I don’t know. Why not?