What is your private callsign and why?


“Airline” 19 86 Heavy

1986 was the year my fraternity was founded.
Heavy because I am usually flying the 777 or 787 on the heaviest load setting

My original was B787FAN but someone started using it after me and I decided to switch.


I use FDM29
F for first letter of my first name
D for 1st letter of my name
M for 1st letter of my second name
29 for my birthday



G-British Prefix
4349- First VA call sign and used as numbers for all my call signs for consistency (e.g. my Delta VA call sign is DLVA4348
X-Denotes unofficial flight (Not va related)


My GA callsing is NB3ST I just like the sound of it.
My number when flying with airliners or military planes is 5 2 2 and I use this number for 2 reasons. First, to pay tribute to the Helios Airlines crash in Athens, Greece (my country) in 2005 and second I just like how it sounds of course.


Mine is CLUPP. and because I was trying to say the word cup 3 times but every time I said it it came out clup I said for now on this will be my name for anything that requires a user name. And I have done just that! I added the extra p just because I like to hear papa papa on atc lol


I use n5rm because that’s my brothers amiture radio callsign. Or I use a real flight num.


Mine is G-CHRIS because
Chris is my name



My name is Reed, what else do I have to explain?


G-RAND b/c i’m legit


G-ERTI. Reference to BBC Radio Comedy, Cabin Pressure.


SkyFox One, why? Because I have some friends that play GTA5 and they have (and me) the hydra plane soy to know each other we use the names that are in a mission of the game, mine’s is SkyFox One, and my companion is SkyFox Two, then are 2 more guys but they have “movie names” (Maverick and Iceman).


N475UA (Image Provides Explanation):


One reason United is my favorite Airline is they’ve always had such beautiful liveries.


I don’t actually have a private callsign, I just use my v a’s callsign, Easy 2


You play gta5 on the computer sorry for going off topic



My surname is Gibson and my mates call me Gibbo. So it’s just that and fortunately it’s with a UK prefix!


G is the British thing (can’t remember the word)
EJF is my initials
1 is just because British registrations are G- then four characters (it is a filler basically)



Just put the number in a YouTube search. No explanation needed I wouldn’t think.


I still interchange between KY0102 and KY12

More of the latter now since its faster to type and was shortened because it was a handful to say during zello session in the past.

KY makes up 2 of my alternate chinese names, Kai Yun

0102 is the birthdate of my favorite person in DDMM xD


After some thought my private callsign is G-LJB3 G- I heard that’s Britains registration (I’m not good with real world aviation) LJ- my name, Lewis Jones B- birmingham, my closest airport 3- my favourite 1 digit number