What is your private callsign and why?


NACHO. Because I like nachos. Unless I’m in London, then it’s G-RAVY, which is also delicious.


Mine is Rob. Can you guess why?


Your name is Rob(bert) that’s why :)


N - American callsign starting letter
1 - Well why not?
T - Thomas
R - Ralph


Damn, I was hoping no one would get that


Your username gave it away so yeah maybe changing your username and it won’t give away your callsign. In addition, Rob is a very unusual callsign.


November (I’m American)
182 (The Cessna 182 is my favorite GA airplane)
November Yankee (New York)


I live on the island of Ireland & my closest airport is Belfast international airport (BFS) also my Instagram account is Belfast Spotter.


Because Lufthansa 2JT was my first Lufthansa plane and it was the first time I had seen the cockpit of a plane… Stunned! That’s why!


I can’t tell you since it is private!


Mine is SIV5122. Siv is my family’s nickname for me, 51 for p51, and 22 for the f22


BODE. Name of my dog.


My callsign is MW1086, when flying under airlines it is airline name + 1086

M - my name is Martin
W- wiskey - it just sounds good ;)
10 - month of birth
86 - year of birth


Skyhawk Heavy Super Flight of 10

Encompassing almost every single callsign on the Training Server

Oops, just noticed this was a 14 day bump, sorry


Private non va KSH0728
K=Initial of daughter’s 1st name
S=Initial of son’s 1st name
H=Initial of last name
0728 = MY BIRTHDAY!!!


Ghost rider
Just because



November (at the start of all USA callsigns)
178 (shortened 1778)
SA (It is the suffix of my poppies Cessna 210)


@Robertdiaz123 = ROB



GSW stands for Golden State Warriors and 739 stands for their record (73 wins 9 losses)


G-CIMI because it’s the callsign of the aircraft I’m learning to fly in.