What is your private callsign and why?


@Padi3_14 @Alec_Vincent_Morea @MarcelloM @Lance_Boyd @NismoKits - Guys that’s great! Add them to the private call sign matrix! What is your private callsign and why?


Your 7 days late with your reply mate! Haha


Again, my call sign is N0KW. It’s similar to my Amateur Radio Call Sign. I’m not sure what I need to do to add it properly.


My private callsign is N1HR

N-US Registration prefix.
1-Number of choice.


“VTEC” that’s my callsign
Why? Pretty much my life lol


I already posted my callsign 3 days ago.


N004IA because it’s my VA callsign


BO7. People call me Bo for short from Blagoy. 7 is my favourite number, also its my Surname if you use letters.


I’m the absolute worst at creating usernames lol.

CaptainPlanet is because of my motivations and years of research towards green energy (including jet fuel).

(Airline) or currently American 420 - I love flying American Airlines, I’m from America and 420 is my lucky bidding number I used on the tv game show, The Price is Right, that changed my life, thus becoming my new favorite number.


DH= My middle and last initials.
GEO= My hometown’s IATA for Cheddi Jagan International, Guyana.


D-BER Heavy
BER- Berlin international “Willy Brandt”


C-DAME, but I do use legit airline callsigns a lot. C for Canada, and Dame for…well… you can guess.


Guys - Please add your callsigns to the Matrix:


FL-I because it is in my username


My private call sign is CS1


Nordwind Airlines.
Because I fly in this company.



ZS - Callsign in South Africa
KDW - My initials


Because I flew on this one many times


General aviation: xx-KGN (xx - I use the country code prefix from the country which that flight originated.)
KGN is the last three of my HAM radio callsign.

Airline: xx602 (xx - Airline callsign of the livery I am using.)
As stupid as it sounds, I’ve forgotten what the significance of the number 602 is to me. In any case, it’s a number I’ve used in just about everything. May as well keep it going!


My callsign: MII435

MII: Miguel ( My name )

435: where I live 60435 Frankfurt

My second Callsing is: D-ABUZ because the first time I flew was with a Boeing 767 of condor.
Use this Callsign when flying a Boeing 767 from Thomas Cook