What is your private callsign and why?


N603QX. I stole it from the CRJ 700 tail. And I’m not giving it back. The thief I am :).



Nation Simply stands for Nation, Which is a part of my IFC name.


N685DW or PORSCHE ;)

N685DW because It’s the plane I fly IRL

PORSCHE because that’s the power of German engineering.



No questions asked thank you very much…



G - My First Letter of my first name
ZAGO - My Last Name



G for UK

KW - letter designation for 615 Squadron (Hurricanes) during the Battle of Britain. My dad was ground crew for 615 during the Battle.



My company’s stock symbol and my United Premier status.


H first letter of my name
1 4 and 5 translated to letters is ade
And n is the last letter of my name and 1 more spot is for j the initial of my last name.



My favorite superhero, wanted something unique as well!


N1KB. because it has my ‘name’ In it. So it’s November one kaiser bloo :)


I always use the suggested one😂


My private callsign it SANDWICH

Why? I made a flying sandwich on a game called Simple Planes like a year ago and I thought to myself, what a cool GA/Private Callsign


My callsign is PK-SRI

The PK is Indonesia registration

And the SRI is IATA code for Samarinda airport


For the next months my callsign is WTL-X

Wt-World tour
X (only a placeholder. Wtl-1 for leg one WTL-2 for leg two and like that it will go on the next weeks and months xD


Infinite flight 1 super, that’s my call sign because I can’t be bothered changing it 100times when I use a different airline.


N958YO, i don’t know why


FA-22A, that’s my callsign and that callsign is from X-Plane


F- Registration in France
NO4H - Because it’s my first name. (4 is for the A)


My new Private Callsign in B-LITZ


N- Registration code for the US
217- One of my favorite numbers
BX- Sounds Cool