What is your private callsign and why?


I used to put FDS301 during the IFAO activity (Swang007 VA) and since a long time i am making GRX301 on Expert server flights.

GR stands for the first two letters of my name. 301 I don’t know why exactly… maybe it was a number I choose randomly :)



The first part (FCB) stands for Futbol Club Barcelona which is the football (soccer) club I support, CAT is an abbreviation for “Catalonia” which is the state that I live in inside Spain, and 17 is simply a number that I like a lot. :)


Who has seen the movie convoy



Why? recheck with my name and I am sure you`ll get it haha.

Just Kidding, I kinda like to spell my name that way though.


One of two really.
Springbok777 coz it’s my IF Forum name,
Or Springbok203/4 because it’s the longest flight SAA my country’s flagship carrier has.



24 - favorite number

Hermes- My “brand name”


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For GA mine is N517IB because 517 is my lucky numbers and IB stands for ItsBlitz. But my old call sign was N517CP because my old username was CamoPlayz517


I’ve changed mine to B-IRB

firstly bc this is a HK-style registration (HK ancestry :))

secondly because I like putting messages in my callsigns



My callsign is N27N0. I think it was somehow given to me when i suscribed… and I love it! I won’t change any time soon.


But i wish i could change my username without loosing my brand new “member” status…


I’m 5Y-ERN Grade 4 I consider HKJK to be my Hub we should plan some flights together some time



Absolutely no clue why.


Mine is G-CAMO

Camo for my old username and g because why not



Why? Because it sounded cool.



Why? I’m Australian and all Australian registered aircraft start with VH, so I thought this would be cool.


Mine is MTNDEW because America rocks. Bald Eagles and Mountain Dew!


Autobrake 3

Because this is what we most of the time select in the 747 for a runway condition: wet -and it is THE system that is important for a safe landing/deceleration after the nose landing gear touches ground. Forget about reverse thrust, nice to have when its working and the “little brother” that assist to decelerate…but Autobrake, that is what you want and what you need.
And because there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that make this switch working,

In my picture you can see the AUTOBRAKE as part of the DESCENT checklist
( Yes,the cake was excellent)



N490ME, the first callsign IF gave to me years ago and I’ve used it for private ever since



‘I’ is in every italian registered aircraft there for it stands for italy

‘AZURI’ stands for azzuri another name for the italian national soccer team for all the soccer fans out there (like me)

so my two main hobbies mixed into one callsign/ registration soccer and flying and showing pride of italy even if the azzuri are playing while im flying you all know that im cheering for them ;)


HI15TD: my username
N356DR: N for US registration, 356: cause why not, DR for my initials
N5529W: I know someone who owns a plane, and N5529W is it registration