What is your private callsign and why?



Why because I’m British that’s we’re it comes from and my name Goran.

AVIA because if my channel Aviaator LHR


My Callsign UPS318 comes from UPSVA and 318 is my daughters birthday.


GW(2 Random numbers)

No reasoning, i just like GW.


K-PDX Which is the Code for Portland international airport.



N1 - because it’s popular
FR - because my nickname is Feurum




Mine is AEK-21. AEK are the initials of my football club, while 21 is the identity number of its fanbase, and is an important number for us in general…I’m probably the only one here to have this connection to a callsign lol



because I used to work for PAN AM back in the Eighties

because I once flew in the N 747PA

because I love the 747



AC - My initials.

My first name


VH= Registration in Australia
AKR= My innitials


Ziggy Stardust anyone? If you get it, kudos.
(also from my IFC name lol)


Mine is FlyingVixen 2 becouse it feels appropriate as I am a furry and a aviation geek


I use N263ND, the Piper Warrior III that I fly.


N179PT is mine. Or PTV-179


PK-OZI because ‘PK’ are initials for Indonesian registration and ‘OZI’ is my name



GW because it’s all I could come up with


SD-RDY is my private callsign.


hello my callsign is HI790 (HI is the prefix for the dominican republic) (and 790 is my dads socata tb9 tampico that i’ve flown since i was 13 years old)
Also i use N6030B every Time i am on the cirrus sr 22 (in memory of Two friends that just passed away in a glider crash)(Co-pilot Bruno Vincent Owner of the cirrrus)(plane that crash is a Stemme S12 N612ST)(PIC was Douglas Bournigal)




GBYZ it was the call sign of the cessna I first flew.


When not flying for GAF, i fly with IFAEEURO
(IFAE - Infinite Flight Aviation Experts) Euro because i help with the Euroside and Commandernof the Euro Forces Division for IFAE-GAF
When doing Private flights, i fly with SC07T
This was a UK Number plate that i was looking into buying for a Car. Two letters two numbers and one letter.