What is your private callsign and why?


Emirates 191 Heavy because it sounds right for me to have


My callsign is either my VA callsign, callsign by airline,


My private callsign (mostly for flying GAs or patterns) is BIGBERT. Probably changing it to BERTO soon thanks to @Deltabro.


My GA callsign: N319DE
N319D=inspired by my IFC nickname
E=first letter of my name


Mine is SPB2727 its my initials and my birthday 727 idk why I added the 2 at the begining.


because swift is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about airplanes and 1 because I gotta keep it unique and original, there can only be one… SW1FT.


It’s the 412 I fly


CHEWBACA or CHEWBACA Super if flyin biiig planes

Cuz i like chewbacca and it has one letter too much so i took one c away


ZAMVA is mine.
ZA is my country’s registration
MV are my initials
A is just random i guess…


ASPEN18, because:

In the state where I live, the Aspen tree is prominent.

18 is no particular reason, just went well with ASPEN.


My callagin is SPB2727 or Bata2727


My name initials


My initials and I just chose a random number for it.


I’m usually around as Corporate 313. Corporate because I like the livery for private jets and that’s usually what I’m flying! Or Delta! KDTW is my hometown and 313 is the area code!


Mine is usually EVO1234.To be honest the only reason is because “echo-victor-oscar 1234” sounds quite nice on the radio.


I have 3.

  1. Show-Me 18
    Because I live in the Show-Me State, and am 18
  2. EAV001
    Because I am starting the fictional VA Eagle Airways Virtual
  3. N3882J
    Because that is my RL Cessna 150


Northwest003 because i am part of the NWAVA


My GA callsign is K-W49 (K-W= King Wings, 49= 7×7)


My callsign is the rubber duck.
Because the rubber duck is a person in the movie convoy



X because it sounds cool
S- Last name, Shah
A- First name, Anuj
05- My AAVA Callsign number, 05.


My callsign is CHEWBACA or FLAGPOLE <- cause my momma says im flagpole