What is your private callsign and why?


Northwest 1 - I wonder why


I would think it’s Aeroflot something, but fair enough.

Mine is N1991A. November for US GA aircraft registrations, 1991 for the year I left India to study in the US, and A is first name initial.


Mine Is Goose Heavy
Why? Thats what the owner of a virtual airline calls me… Lol


N is for US code
223 is my birthday
DE are my Initials


I did my ATPL in the Netherlands. I like this papa hotel stuff😁


I hope you’re not too surprised if I tell you want an ATPL is.

In the meantime, I have changed to PH-ADZ.


Mine is N302WW. The first time I played IF this is the first callsign that was assigned to me and I decided to stick with it.


20 is my favorite number and Trio is my name, so TRIO20. And that kids is how my name was born.



N - US registry
1449 - (my library card number from elementary school and has stuck with me every since then :) )
PV - Private

The only time I usually use this is when I’m flying a private livery of some sort.

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Lets say my frozen. Don’t want to write down the list :)


My private one is SCW911. SCW is the ICAO code for my favorite airline, BRA (formerly known as Malmö Aviation). 911 is a bit interesting. Its not a reference to the Porsche 911 or to the attacks in the U.S on September 11th 2001 (yes one person actually though it was, and its not). Its far more simple. The first time I made a callsign (and this was before I bought a live subscription) it randomly gave me 911 as the letter part and back then I used “Scandinavian 911” as my first callsign. But after a while I decided to change. After a lot of different callsigns, all using the three numbers 911 I decided to create one final callsign thus making the callsign SCW911, the letters as a nod to my favorite airline and the three numbers as a homage to my very first callsign.


AVI-ONIC, for obvious reasons. I also use the callsign N49LV every so often.
N - American registration
4 - The month I was born in
9 - The day I was born on
LV - The city, Las Vegas, that I live in.


I either fly as RED67 or RED68 depending on the direction.


GLH 1002
Initials and birthday DDMM. Thought it sounded better than MMDD. 😂

Created when I first started 2yrs ago. Didn’t have a clue about callsigns. But decided to stick with it.


FRODO - thanks to Misha:)


WGA1778 (this callsign means I am flying with an imaginary airline I made up. N1778SA means I am flying a private plane for me on an imaginary “vacation”



Delta( favorite airline)
Charle(dads name)
Tango(going to the Army so got no remember to call enemy’s tangos)
21( favorite number)


Well with my virtual airline im ACVA002.

But… for my personal one, i use N-M8

N= Registration
M8= May 8; My birthday

I also use NWLAX

NW= My first and last name initials
LAX= Home international airport


Singapore 21, because it’s a reference to the longest regularly scheduled non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore


Shrek1. Shrek because its the nickname my daughter gave me when she was 4 years old and the 1…because its there lol.