What is your private callsign and why?


N0CT - Isn’t it obvious


ZK New Zealand Prefix
NOP Shorthand term for nope


I am aceoface because I am the pro. I been using callsign a long time now


EI-KEV. EI because of Ireland. KEV because of my name


Airline I am flying followed by 3904. The number 3904 has a special meaning to me so thats why I like to use it.


PH=The Netherlands.
17= My lucky number.
MD= Martijn Decates.


Mine is “JL727”
JL is the initials of my full name.
727 is the first airplane (B727-200) I’d been on.


WC= initials



Because why not


Callsign- B1GT3X
Why? Born and raised in Big Texas!
The 1 and 3 mean nothing. Just wanted numbers that kind of resemble an I and E 🤷‍♂️


Well my personal favorite is n12pr which is the first callsign I ever got VIA IF


MIne is DANNY because well that is my nickname of course…


N - the month I was born in
42 - because it’s the meaning to life, the universe and everything
SMC - Swiss Made Crow.


N: America
71: the “section” or class I am in
RS: Rectory School, the school I am in, and the best school on planet earth.
this registration belongs to a China Eastern 777-300ER. It is meaningful to me because this is the plane that first take me to the US.


N - US registration prefix.
1 - Filler number.
DW - My first and last initials.


Whenever I fly a Cirrus or a C172, I use N2744J. That’s the registration of the plane I did most of my training and passed my Private Pilot Checkride in. BEAUTIFUL 1980’s Skyhawk 172N. Would purchase it directly from the FBO if I could…


If I didn’t have N4TE (First Name) as my Callsign,
It would probably be the first aircraft I had the controls on, N80FT.


GA: N620MP | US Registry, Wedding Anniversary, Daughter’s Initial, Son’s Initial

Airlines: Always flight # 6 20

Yeah, super sappy. What can I say…happy family man.


Mine is IGA-FLW (IGA first bit of Igamerfellow [Igamer]) (FLW second bit of Igamerfellow [fellow])

Igamerfellow is my YouTube channel…


Either CBRO4 or N236BR (my FS9 callsign)