What is your private callsign and why?


LONESTAR because of my Texas Pride.


BADGER1 6 6 6 is my favorite.



C - Canadian registration prefix
52 - Referring to Highway 52, where a car accident tragically claimed my friend’s life. I always use 52 in her memory.
PA - Meaning Paramedic, the career I’m working towards.

I also always use 52 as my flight number when flying airliners.


I use JVAZ423. Basically my username shortened. My commericial callsign is usually United 423. I use 423 in all of my callsign a because that’s my birthday - April 23


N - November
1 - Day of birth
01 - because ‘N101’ sounds cool, nothing more :P
AWB - My IF initials

Edit: Spelling



N - Initial of Last name
15 - 15 years old
DL - Delta Airlines



VH reg (prefix of Australia) As I’m Aussie
CAM because my first 3 letters in my name is cam


KIRITO77. Because… It’s my username…


N0CT - November Zero Charlie Tango
OCTM - OCTober Malaysia


Black Rose
Black- the darker side of things, Rose is partly from my favorite band GNRs and because they are beautiful, but can be associated with pain and death as well.
Kinda dark, but I’ve always stuck with it.



LK= Liam kirk. My name
DSA= my local airport.


N6- 6th of November(Date Of Birth)

ADA- Ahmad Dan Ali(Name)


VH-TAF, why?

VH - Aussie rego.
TAF - The Australian Flyer


I may sometimes change it to VH-OMU, as that is the rego. of the first aircraft I trained in!


I will change to FS-2S3. FS (my enitials), 2 (2 months old at my first flight), S (first flight was with SAS) 3, 03( date of birth).


ZS-SNI - It’s my favourite A340 that I flew on back in May. Then ZS-SXY, it’s a A330-200. I like the registration. Both are SAA.


Nils_Gravelsins with the NLS117 Callsign. When using an airline I will always be 117 with the correct suffix and prefix


TK534C privat sign

TK IATA of Turkish Airlines and my T for first Name.
5-3-4 car plate numbers of turkey
-34 Istanbul trip mostly
-53 Rize my hometown
C on half mond of turkey flagg.


Mine is G-RAFX

G for the UK prefix
RAF for Royal Air Force
X as a placeholder


SPB2727 because it’s self explanatory



the first two letters of my cat’s nickname and birth month