What is your private callsign and why?


PR for my town, Paso Robles
And PRB for the airport, Paso Robles Municipal Airport (PRB)


VH-TAC. Simple and says my YouTube channel TAC: The Aussie Cockatoo


N582DC I know it’s pretty generic. But its special to me. N582DC was a diamond DA20 that I took my first flight in


SAP-125 SAP short for Sapper which is an advance school for combat engineers in the military.125 is for 1.25Ib which is the weight of a single block of composition B aka C-4


N6GF N- US Reg. Number, 6- the year I first went on a widebody (DC-10) F- Stands for Flawless and the initial letter of my real name, G- I don’t know why I added that G so it’s just a filler.



Initials, have used it as an email address and username since aim was popular

(Would’ve signed up as that username if it gave me the option, gmail sign in gave me my IF username :( )


G-BONE = G because I in UK (Edinburgh) BONE because my nickname my friends call me is Bones


When I’m GA it’s NE14SX, nothing special. When I’m flying for Infinite passengers it’s FLYNGDOG, after my favorite brewing company. And with NetJets it Execjet 1529


American for various reasons (all good) and 232 is the identification number for my fire station.
PS. I wish I could remember my original (IF generated) Callsign from years ago.


Mine is K1295NP

K - the company that I was in during basic training for the marine corps (kilo)
12 - the month I was born
95 - the year I was born (1995)
NP - my initials


In the USAF I got my callsign in Korea after working with my first FA-16 squadron the 80th FS JUVATS “RADIO” no one could ever understand my radio calls and lets just say this is the kid friendly nomination for my call sign.😂

In IF im “Huntsman”

Huntsnan bring skill and knowldege and I lend both to military aviation thus this CS was given by my co commanders in IFAE Air Forces.



because creeto is my nickname.


G-JOHN. Because I’m unoriginal


N305CR, airline 305, or FOX-1 while patrolling for IFAF. You can tell i like the number 305 area code of Miami, Florida.


I-I38, since I panic thinking every ATC instruction is for me, this one stands out just nicely.
Thanks @Dean.Gibson for suggesting I actually stick to something! Haha



J- My first name
9- Fav number
T- Last name
09- again fav number


If 1778 is in the callsign it is 99% me


I used a whole bunch of different callsigns throughout my IF Live time, these days it depends on what I’m flying. For airline flights I try to use the airline callsign, or if that’s not available - a registration code that’s associated with that country. For personal flights, sometimes I just use the randomly generated code that IF gives.

Long story short, - for private flights it’s typically VH-ALX or VH-14A (VH - Australia, ALX, A etc are just letters in my name). For airline flights - [Airline Name] - 1 4 8 - [Heavy/Super/Flight of X - if required]


For Airliners I use the Repective Callsign.
For GA I use B-4EVA.

semi self explanatory.


For flights GA I typically use 4 different callsigns: Corporate (Number) (I use the number callsign of the airport I depart: Ex: TFFJ=8335 because T=8, F=3, and J=5) I also use these callsigns: N824EH (B-cuz it was my first callsign) And N613SH and S-HANS (Related to my intials and bday)