What is your private callsign and why?

How do people have callsine like
skyhalk hevey @Mark_Denson it does not read it in the nano alphabet

I like that.

The name i go by on the internet is 8Smart, and 8SMRT works pretty well as a callsign :)

LOUIS, my first name

Mine is currently set to The Wolf.

I’m Hungarian and my surname - translated to English - means wolf. 🐺

I’ve never liked my surname and been bullied a lot when I was younger because of it. Now I’m trying to get the most out! 😂

WOLF was also my first unique, military callsign/nickname at GAF which I’ve been given by @Andre_S. So, at the end I’ve got myself stuck with it for good.

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(ZMW) my initials
I’m 19


My callsign used to be MCH-98. MCH are my initials, and ‘98 is the year I was born.

Now it’s MARC. That’s because my name is Marc.


Interesting @AlphaSeven!!

My callsign used to be SC07T, this was a number plate I had for my car in the UK and I loved it.

Now it is I F A E Euro, this is because I am a European region member of IFAE and so dibbed it before anyone else could. Also I used to be the IFAEGAF European Commander and so it suited my rank and position


Fave number’s 17, favorite airlines’s Delta.

Revelation of the year! ;)

Rogue One - Why? Because it’s cool and the movie is beyond great.


Hey! I agree!
Looks like we both love Star Wars 😉

Just kidding, back to the topic!

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I love it too! Was thinking about getting Red 5 for a long time.
According to feedbacks, Wolf suits me better though. Not everyone would get the SW reference from Red 5 unfortunately…

My callsign is SNOMAN well because … 🤔

SunDown, because it was my callsign in my military time

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N913BH The 913 for my birthday, which is September 13 and the BH are my initials. Ben Hughes

Haven’t seen another Kenya on here! Habari!

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If I fly next to @DeerCrusher I make it LAMSAUCE for jokes.

If I am by myself, it is BRAKNEK because I can fly at Break Neck speeds.

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RDSTER20 is my favorite callsign.

I have absolutely zero clue what that had to do with my callsign #pointlessTag


Breakneck in Star Wars. Did you not watch the Kessel Run?

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