What is your private callsign and why?

N918LH because 1. It’s the first call sign I ever got randomly generated when I first joined live… sniff… good times… and 2. the syllables just flow like
my A 380

My private callsign, N-90D, is named after:

N-: the standard
90D: after my grandpa’s tesla model s which model number is 90D. My dream car😍. Please don’t judge me for liking cars on the IFC 😂

Aaaannnnd… it sounds super cool👌

My callsign is N202PC

The N is the US callsign prefix

The 202 has something to do with my birthday

And the PC stands for PlaneCrazy

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Mine is IFC-MF…

Infinite Flight Community - Maksim Ferguson


VH is prefix for Australian Aviation and 7360 is my former Police Registered number.

@MaksimFerguson and @Jaquille_Ajb shall I add them to the call sign matrix? (Private Callsign Matrix)

@LouDon16 should we add all callsigns here to the matrix?

Yes please!

Thank you!

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Yes please. Cheers mate!

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GC for part of my name Desmond ‘‘Garryth’’ Annupoong '‘Cooper’'
41 the hours I had at the time on my account
MX M for Michael (My father’s name) X for my Xrayed injuries.

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Yeah would make sense mate!


Mine: C4L1
Becuse it stands for Carrots4Luke1 ! And I love carrots.

Mine is very easy; VP-MAX

VP is the Russian prefix for aircraft, and MAX is my name.

N- US based
13- Age of my first flight
TX- Texas
28- Favorite number

COVFEFE—yes, seriously.


LX HON circle

LX – Swiss international airlines callsign
HON circle – My frequent flyer status with that airline :)

My callsign is N132KS

N - Callsign Prefix
132 - My favorite number
KS - My initials

Mine is NEL003 because… uh… I don’t know. Why not?

PR for my town, Paso Robles
And PRB for the airport, Paso Robles Municipal Airport (PRB)

VH-TAC. Simple and says my YouTube channel TAC: The Aussie Cockatoo

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N582DC I know it’s pretty generic. But its special to me. N582DC was a diamond DA20 that I took my first flight in