What is your private callsign and why?

BO7. People call me Bo for short from Blagoy. 7 is my favourite number, also its my Surname if you use letters.

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I’m the absolute worst at creating usernames lol.

CaptainPlanet is because of my motivations and years of research towards green energy (including jet fuel).

(Airline) or currently American 420 - I love flying American Airlines, I’m from America and 420 is my lucky bidding number I used on the tv game show, The Price is Right, that changed my life, thus becoming my new favorite number.

DH= My middle and last initials.
GEO= My hometown’s IATA for Cheddi Jagan International, Guyana.

D-BER Heavy
BER- Berlin international “Willy Brandt”

C-DAME, but I do use legit airline callsigns a lot. C for Canada, and Dame for…well… you can guess.

Guys - Please add your callsigns to the Matrix:

FL-I because it is in my username

My private call sign is CS1

Nordwind Airlines.
Because I fly in this company.

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ZS - Callsign in South Africa
KDW - My initials

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Because I flew on this one many times

General aviation: xx-KGN (xx - I use the country code prefix from the country which that flight originated.)
KGN is the last three of my HAM radio callsign.

Airline: xx602 (xx - Airline callsign of the livery I am using.)
As stupid as it sounds, I’ve forgotten what the significance of the number 602 is to me. In any case, it’s a number I’ve used in just about everything. May as well keep it going!

My callsign: MII435

MII: Miguel ( My name )

435: where I live 60435 Frankfurt

My second Callsing is: D-ABUZ because the first time I flew was with a Boeing 767 of condor.
Use this Callsign when flying a Boeing 767 from Thomas Cook

NACHO. Because I like nachos. Unless I’m in London, then it’s G-RAVY, which is also delicious.


Mine is Rob. Can you guess why?

Your name is Rob(bert) that’s why :)

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N - American callsign starting letter
1 - Well why not?
T - Thomas
R - Ralph


Damn, I was hoping no one would get that

Your username gave it away so yeah maybe changing your username and it won’t give away your callsign. In addition, Rob is a very unusual callsign.

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November (I’m American)
182 (The Cessna 182 is my favorite GA airplane)
November Yankee (New York)