What is your private callsign and why?


What is your private callsign and why?

When not flying with an airliner, what callsign do you use to associate with yourself and why?

For me its, GH-099. (GH - General aviation, Humberside) - (O - brothers name, Oliver) and (99 - relating to my policing background!) The callsign is also shared with Humberside Police’ Helicopter Oscar 99.

What Is Your Favorite Phonetic Callsign?



It’s in the name…


MIKU, why? You find out yourself ;)


SingaporeAirlines knows why, you should ask him


I will… I’m determined to find out…


Ive found an easier way…



Back on topic please…


Look at his Profile and you will know why, Hatsune Miku


9V-SMB - The First A350 I’ve ever flown with 😍😍


My callsign: HB-ZRH
HB: registration prefix in Switzerland
ZRH: IATA of Zürich Airport, my nearest major airport


MU-BA. The first four letters of my name.


5Y (reg prefix of Kenya) because I am Kenyan
S I was born in September
3 because that was my age when I first flew


My fav airport in Europe too ;)


G-LIAM why its my name


N822JX - Was the first system assigned callsign I got when live launched :p


N71QC. Why? I asked my little brother to say some random letters and numbers


G-Z4CH for obvious reasons



  • HB = registration in Switzerland
  • OP = Oiseau Plumé
  • L = (Air)Lines


OPL = Officier Pilote de Ligne Copilot



BAH- BAHamas
242- Area Code in Bahamas



H stands for Henrik.
BERG is my last name.