What is your Private Callsign and Why?

Southwest 588VA is mine
Because the 58 is my Hockey Jersey Number. So I decided to add another 8 on the number

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I also fly as N872FH
872- Favorite 3 Numbers
FH- Initials

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I fly with OY-BRO because of @RadarVectors_Mumbai lol


Awesome callsign, I totally agree!

No you don’t 😉

Thanks for sharing all, really fascinating!


I use EC-123… pretty self explanatory…

I’ll explain it anyway:

I have my nickname as ECoops123, or ECoops with the EC as capital letters since they are my initials excluding my middle name. ‘Ethan Cooper’. The 123 has no back story.

When these new callsigns came out I had to ask Cam to add the numeric option into Spanish callsigns (with given evidence that they were real callsigns.)

Fun fact: EC-123 was a Spanish ATR-42 operating between 1995-1996 on a charter air taxi airline called ‘Líneas Aéreas Guipuzcoanas’. It based a couple ATR’s at Pamplona on the North Eastern border of Spain. It was very hard to find any information about this airline.


I always use the callsign LLL001. I made it up on the spot for a groupflight, and the callsign slowly grew on me and I used it more and more. When 20.2 came along, I decided I’d rather keep my callsign LLL001, it’s much more unique than using an airline or pre-formatted callsign in my opinion.

There’s your backstory on why I always fly as “LLL001.”

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I use OO-FXY
OO- since it’s the Belgian registration pre-set.
FXY because I think they sound cool in the phonetic alphabet.

I might change it to OO-TLV though.
OO- for the same reason as above.
TLV for my initials (middle name included).

mines G-KEDZ because Kedz is my nickname

I use G-BTYT since its the registration of the first aircraft I ever landed in the real world

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OK-JOE because Joe is my nick name.

I fly with M-ANGO cause I like mangoes.


I use I-KIIS because it was the call sign to my father’s plane. He is no longer with us so it’s a way I like to pay tribute. Hearing it spoken on Infinite Flight brings back many amazing memories of flying with him and listening to his conversations with ATC. :)


I am using D-PHIL because i am from Germany and Phil is my name :)

N2021F because it shows that it has my username and the US registration i use for IF.

I don’t have a personal callsign yet but I would love to get one soon. :)

When I fly GA planes and not for any VAs my callsign is normally N423KN

N - United states
423 - My birthday (April,23)
KN - My first and last initial

Personally, I use G-BOAT


I like boats, second favorite thing behind aviation is ships and boats, also sounds pretty cool!

Mine is NVXJ-001 because I’m the CO CEO of XoJet virtual airlines

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Mine is N432ER because that is the registration of the Cessna 172 that I am training in irl

Mine’s EI-HJC.
EI - Irish reg prefix
HJC - my initials (Hugh James Connolly)