What is your preferred apple product to use with IF

I am an IF iPhone user and I think that it is great. I got IF on my iPad and I only liked it for ATC on live. The iPad is harder to use. What do you think?

  • IPhone
  • IPad
  • IPod Touch

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iPad is easier to use in my opinion. Plus the bigger display adds more realism (up close feel).


iPad, I don’t know how anyone does it with a phone.


I do it once in a while, it’s difficult , but I manage

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iPhone. I always feel like I have more control using an iPhone. I’m used to over-control on the iPad and ultimately, I decided to stop using it for IF.

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I do it with iPhone and iPad.

Both, but the iPad makes the experience better.

Controlling with an iPhone is near impossible. iPad for me. :)

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I am all iPhone, the iPad lags for me :(

iPhone is what I use

I use the ipad pro. Highly suggest it to anyone. I agree it’s nearly impossible to control using an iphone. The big screen adds much realism.

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I use an I pad mini. It is the PERFECT size!!! It also has great control and screen quality!!! :)


Ipad air2 is perfect!

I’m feeling very comfortable on the iPad.

@Aernout does a pretty nice job despite his 4.7" display ;)

I used to play IF on my I phone 4. It was VERY hard. :)

iPhone 6 all the way!


I feel like my vision drops when I look at an iPhone screen after seeing an iPad screen. I’m like

Yeah! iPhone 6 rocks!

it is way better than the 6s

iPhone Plus. Excellent