What is your preferred airline alliance group?

Hello Community!
I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about Oneworld and Star Allience competitions in RWA. I thought, why not make a poll to see how much percent of the community likes the specific alliance! I vote for Oneworlf because I have an emerald card with them!

  • Oneworld
  • SkyTeam
  • Star Alliance
  • I don’t like any alliances

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I personally love skyteam, they have the best service and nicest staff of any other airlines


Agreed, flying today and wouldn’t book any other


Definitely Sky Team. But one world is good too.

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I like all of the alliances. I only hate SkyTeam because of redeeming miles. It’s harder to redeem miles since Garuda joins SkyTeam

oneworld and Star Alliance are one of the best imho

I think you forgot Value Alliance 😉


I like Star Alliance because it has more members than any other alliance. It is the largest alliance in the world. Also my favorite airline, EVA Air, is a member of Star Alliance :)

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Star Alliance, as they have a great round up of airlines. I also like them because I can use my United miles to book on other great airlines (like any alliance can), like ANA or Lufthansa.


I hardly even know… it’s a tough choice.

I don’t have a particular preference, as evidenced by this breakdown of my last 42 flights:

OneWorld - 9
Star Alliance - 11
Skyteam - 9
Unaffiliated - 13

Star alliance because great quality airlines

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I don’t mind but i prefer oneworld, it seems to have many good airlines in it.

Sky team for the win!

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