What is your opinion if ATC tells you to follow instructions?

When you are flying and someone tells you to Please follow instruction…what goes through your mind?
I did something wrong or something else. I want to hear your opinions on this.

I want to see if I am misinterpreting this command.


I usually think think that I did something wrong and check everything. Then if I can’t find something I did wrong I try to think about the things that ATC might be trying to get me to do. They might not necessarily be telling saying that you’re doing something wrong or bad, they may just be trying to get you to do something a different way.


what do I think when i get “please follow instructions” ? lol, simple. What am i doing wrong.


When you get please follow instructions, guess what you should do.

Follow instructions.

Shocking, I know.


What was the command they sent prior? Chances are I did not follow that. Lol

If you just took off and you get that, you probably asked to stay in the pattern and left. If you are in inbound with tower, you are probably in the pattern/sequence wrong or the wrong runway. If approach sends it, you missed a turn, speed, or altitude command. I think that covers about 80%. Lol


I’ve never been told to follow instructions because following instructions comes to me naturally. The controller could care less about your opinion. If you get told to follow instructions, it’s best to do just that. Couldn’t ask for a more simple concept.


Id cry as it leads to me getting banned on expert server

I follow the rules of flight and ATC instructions without question. Should I ever receive this command I would do the following.

  1. Double check the ATC log.
  2. If everything looks okay, standby to see if it was an accidental selection.
  3. If I sense something is wrong I’ll disconnect and PM the controller for their opinion.

I change channels and land at an uncontrolled airport.

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Training : "What??? Is ATC bored ?"


I’m checking what the last instructions were and if I did them correctly, checking the dialog.
After that I make some screenshots and make again sure that everything is running correctly. If I get ghosted (what only happened once) I think about what happened, check out if I’m wrong and decide to contact IF.

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I’m thinking about how beautiful the “End Game” button looks at that moment. Lmao!!!


I hit the video recording button asap, and the check the ATC dialogue box and ensure I haven’t done anything dumb.
Then I fly super carefully… like I’m walking on egg shells so to speak.


Do not make a complaint if you get ghosted with your solution! 😂 Joe will make light work of it!

Well I have only been told this once do to a controller not realizing he see’a ground speed not airspeed. However when I have to issue this a million times during my 1 hour session, I’m constantly thinking. Follow the damn instruction I don’t have time for your bull 💩.

I’ll complain if I want to.

And I can land wherever I choose as I’m usually in a CCX, keeps my options open for that last minute plan to land at an airfield nearby instead.

But changing frequency when you feel like it, not the best thing to be doing, do your plan properly request a departure and frequency change, no issues there :)

MaxSez; “Follow my instructions” “Stay on my Freq” “Read the Tutes” are IFATC Trigger Terms!
YOUR ONLY OPTION: “Call Missed if on an ILS Approach” “Request Departure to the (Direction)” or “End Session”( fast as you can) in my studied opinion.
The changes of winning an IFATC Dispute is 30/70 (30you/70them)) unless you can find the appropriate AIM section and paragraph and understand the IF deviations to the Reg’s. Jus Sayin.

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The best way to avoid this Situation @Maxmustang is to follow all ATC Instructions. That makes it easier for Pilot and Controller 😀

@Lars_Thorein… EZ who said it was EZ! Never forget Sir; “The Pilot in Command is the Decision Maker”. Read & Studied the AIM lately Mr. controller!