What is your most awful moment on Infinite Flight?

Hello IFC. Let‘s be honest and open!

What’s your most awful momentum on Infinite Flight for you?

Mine is when you’re working on a VA, you have to write the fully FLP on the Crew Center. That happens on many VAs like @easyJetVirtual lol.

Still good VA tho but that’s soooooo annoying.


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What I hate the most about IF, is mainly when I am almost landing or in a tense part, the game magically closes. There are times that it is due to my cell phone and other times I cannot find the reason. That’s what bothers me the most

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Awful and Uh oh its not the same :)


Mistakenly opened on the training server, and reported a few planes. I couldn’t believe the behavior I was seeing when a fellow IFATC said I wasn’t open. The light went on, and I realized I was on training.

The reports were removed, but it was very embarrassing.


Mine is probably when I’m 10 seconds before touchdown and that someone comes in the room and distract me from flying and I just ruined the landings. 😡

my biggest one doesnt actually have to do with IF fully - it’s when timing just doesnt work out for events and such

Overflying destination on a long haul


After a long haul flight, your device freezes and crashes. Forcing you to force restart said device and lose all that progress. Its rare but it does happen sadly

Not joining IFATC before college took over 🤦🏻‍♂️

Good, you’re not messing up your sleep schedule, unlike me :)

I ran out of pro ;)

When I first got into expert server I somehow forgot to open my landing gear and it was in front of many planes lined up, really embarrassing too 😬

when i was landing into Sydney during an event and my game glitched and i went into the ocean :(

Getting my special Custom callsign removed :( KID was the callsign as much as i love 20.2 i just dont like that one part :(

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A couple of weeks ago i was doing Dubai to lax, when I woke up, I was halfway to the west side of South America! That was fun diverting to San Jose deal Cabo! Not!

I want to Land at RKPC with Strong Crosswind and Windshear, As soon as Touched Down, Plane Turns Like Figure Skating ⛸ and stucked at The Grass 😅😅 My Awful moment

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Tried to help someone working towards IFATC by doing some patteerns but the scenery load borked. I didn’t realise it at the time and thought it might be a farm strip type runway, with just the roughly cut runway and no buildings, so tried to find the runway. Ended up in the sea (it was one of those runways almost on an island and occupying most of the island) which I couldn’t actually see, and a lot of “Keep off the Grass” ATC. I’m thinking I’m going mad because I can’t see the runway.

Wasn’t much help !

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