What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I once did a KSEA to WSSS flight; took me 15h 32m.


London Heathrow -> Honolulu International

And over slept by two hours. I forgot the exact flight time by the normal flight time + 4 Hours is what it took me


I just surpassed my last one.
Previous: YMML-KSFO 16:21 (because I was slow)
New: YPPH-EGKK 17:28


My current longest flight is From Dulles to Dubai (12hrs)
I hope to pass that soon. ;)


Before I started doing overnight long hauls, LFPG-KLAX (11:07) during the daytime (yes, I know). Now, it’s YPPH-EGLL (17:11).


Recently did a flight from YSSY to EGLL; took almost 19 hours (18hr 42mn), but then had to abort flight because of other activities…:(


6h39mn flight egll to kjfk in 777-300er


9 1/2 hours from Toronto to Hungary in the 777-300ER


Longest flight is almost 11 hours. Lol…


KSFO to LTBA 12 hours 30 minutes or RJAA-KORD 12 hours 30 minutes


Just yesterday I did a 22h 40m flight from KJFK (New York) to YPPH (Perth, AU) in a Qantas A380-800. Before you all go nuts… I have a spare phone that I use and keep charging in my room. I intermittently check to make sure everything is going well (I’m in college and have a lot of time on my hands…). I tried to avoid headwinds at all costs, so I actually traveled a couple 1000 nms more than the optimal flight path.

On that topic, I’m not sure if it exists or not, but is there software that calculates optimal flight paths, altitudes, and speeds given the expected weather? Forgive me if there is an obvious answer; I just started using IF less than a month ago.

Side note: I’m from New York, and I know the farthest possible city from me is Perth, so I wanted to give it a try since I flew a 13h flight from Incheon, South Korea to Boston with nearly 50% of my fuel remaining just days prior.

Please don’t judge me. I may or may not be addicted to this game.


Here’s a great tool I use: FLPtoIF

Calculates fuel, flight plans, weather, speed, time and all you need to do is copy and paste the flight plan into the search in the map screen (and maybe fix some incorrect waypoints)


Thanks! Really appreciate it


My longest FLIGHT was 9h and 44 minutes i think


Finally I’ve done Singapore to Newark (WSSS-KEWR) as SQ22 with Singapore Airlines B787-10!! Flight time was about 17hrs 45mins. The times were awesome ! :)


My longest was 10hrs 27mins, from EGLL to ZSPD in B789


EGLL YPPH 789 15hr45 Qantas last sunday!


I am CGK-IST 12 Hours+ (iam forget the actually flight time)


My longest is 14 hours 10 minutes KLAX-YSSY


16:12 OMDB-KDFW in a Emirates 77W back when KDFW was the featured airport of the week(end of December I think).