What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


my current longest flight standing right now is Aukland to Doha with a whooping 17 hours because of winds, my second longest would be Perth to London with 15 hours.

I will attempt to do Singapore to Newark soon, then Tahiti to CDG (Air Tahiti Nui soon will be launching direct service from French Polynesia)

Honestly I just want to fly all these long routes for the fun sake but don’t have time. OH well


Set alarms :) I always have 4 ready and they do help. Even when I have to land at 2am or 3 it does help but wakes other people up too.


My longest was DFW-SYD in an MD-11 with a stop in Honolulu. Beats my old longest time (16:34) and my longest is now 17:22


I did YSSY-KLAX in a United 787-10, flight Time was about 15hrs and a half and no, no passenger had to get thrown off the plane!

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Mine is London to Lax and I don’t Remember because that was a long time ago but my plane was a A380,B747,B787,B777


For me, I have 0 passengers and cargo to max the range with a full tank. Only when I know it is a really long flight

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My longest flight was from Dulles to Dubai. Which is about 12 hours.

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My longest flight was 6 hours
From Miami to Las Palmas

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My longest flight must have been from Christchurch New Zealand to Madrid via Rio de Janeiro and Lisboa

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WIII - EGLL 15 hours.
KLAX - RSKI 11 hours
EGLL - FAOR 11 hours


My longest flight was LFPG-LAX-NTAA (French Polynesia). It clocked in at 20:39. I was itching to land halfway through!


My Longest flights are
VABB to KSFO via the pacific ocean in a 787-8 Dreamliner. Flight time just under 16 hours
KJFK To VABB on a 787-8 Dreamliner and flight time was just under 13 hours.
VIDP to KSFO on a B777-200LR flight time around 14 hours as well

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Updated now:
KJFK-VHHH 15 hours 4 mins
KLAX-EPWA 12 hours 27 mins
RJAA-KATL 12 hours 3 mins


My Longest flight was from Zurich - Chicago in a Swiss Airlines 777-300ER


EGLL-KLAX in a 787-10.


QR921 - Auckland to Doha with a 777-200LR this weekend. It was a long flight but there was lots of nice scenery to kick back and watch on the way!



I think the longest non-stop flight that I’ve done lasted just over 16.5 hours. it was meant to recreate a historical record setting flight from EGLL to YSSY by Qantas on a B744. Couldn’t finish the flight and was forced to land at Darwin Intl. airport due to low fuel.

Read More about it here,


Longest is OTHH-NZAA 20hours


I’ve probably only done an hours flight but that was it, I’m a short flight type of guy


I just complete OEJN to PHNL