What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I respect you. What aircraft did you use?


A380 Singapore Airlines


hi, i would like to ask is that the a380 can fly the longest distance in IF?
or it’s the 777F without cargo
or 787
or 747-8


Yes a380 can fly the longest distance on if


my longest flight was in a BA 787-10 from EGLL to KJFK, lasting exactly 6/7 hours


16+ hours here from EGLL to KSFO!


KSFO to EGLL was just 10 hrs, the headwinds are strong when you fly EGLL to KSFO
i mean the headwinds above the Atlantic


My new longest flight is from NewYork (EWR) to Singapore Changi
18 hours 39 minutes flight on Singapore A380.

Second longest ( was my longest ) is from Auckland To Doha 17 hours 15 minutes on
Qatar Airways B777-200LR
( my favorite airline )


Yea the headwinds had me going at 390 Knots lololololololololol


A380 can fly the longest in the IF


I believe I went 360 over the Atlantic and then when I got to the us I was 450


Mine is a 12 hour flight just last two days ago


14hrs flight from Newark - Hong Kong on United 772


You are crazy. No commercial aircraft cruises at such a speed.

772 goes at M 0.84

Have a nice day


KLAX-WSSS for sixteen hours.


at this moment I’m going to start kmia-rctp


My longest flight was this afternoon with Emirates 777-300 ER from London to Dubai that was about 6h 15mins Flying the same route back tomorrow ✈✈✈✈✈


YBBN - PHNL on a UPS MD-11. Took me 8:15.


The longest flight I’ve completed is LFPG - KLAX, 11 hours 07 minutes. Two days ago (Sun 27 Jan 2019) I attempted ENGM - SBGL. During approach, I configured for landing a bit too quickly, and overloaded the app and it crashed. 11 hours 55 minutes. It was a sad evening.


My longest flight was from KLAX-YSSY 12 hr 35 min flight time. I slept through most of the flight and woke up with about 1-2 hr to go and i ended up crashing on final. My second longest flight was 7 hr and 4 min from KJFK-EGLL.