What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I completed my attempt of Perth to London in exactly 17hrs flight time so it seems about right it is a really fun flight if you schedule it during sunrise hours at Perth .


First time I tried flying from LHR to PER I miscalculated my fuel (underestimated the flight and disregarded the use of a fuel planner and totally eyeballed my fuel) basically ended up stalling a few hundred nm off the australian coast… bummer. But I really can’t wait until I have the time to try to fly QFA9 the scenery would be better because flying from LHR I was sleeping most of the way and the last 6h of flight left when i woke up were over the indian ocean.




12 hours lax-Egll. I do it on wensdays and fridays


yeah the other way around you sleep over he ocean and wake up to middle india


ZGGG-NZCH a beautiful flight I’ve done it twice once successfully the other was a fuel emergency in YBNB. 10 hrs the flight was flying over Manila, Papa New Guine and nipping Australia and tell you you’ve gotta see when you reach the South Island then you know why the sayings the Land Of The Long White Cloud


Going for it now actually…


14 hrs MMMX to RKSI


9 hours from Seattle to Tokyo in a 787-8 (was asleep for about 6 hours of it though)




KDFW-PHNL-YSSY in an MD-11. 17:34 flight time


B787-9 - British Airways
11 hours & 45 min


I did an EHAM to KJFK flight in a Boeing 747-8 Cargolux about 7 to 8 hours, not sure 😉😃❤️❤️


I flew slow and I flew in the rare wind change over the pacific


I’m currently Flying EGLL-KORD and then KORD-SEA in one flight, check me out on LiveFlight!

EDIT: I can’t land at KSEA so I’m diverting to KLAX. (@robertine supposed to land at CYUL, ends up at KLAX, realizes how much fuel he carries uselessly around with him LOL)


My longest nonstop flight is from VHHH-SCEL in a b789, which took 21 hours 14 minutes to complete. My longest fligh with intermittent stops was EDDM-KSFO-EDDM-MMMX-EDDM-ZSPD-EDDM in about 60 hours.

Here is the VHH-SCEL flighplan I used:


There is the Generic Livery, which can basically represent whatever Airline you want to. I often time fly with the Generic 777-300ER to do Long Haul Trans-Pacific Flight from Asia to USA, Vise-Versa, with Airlines which has their Callsigns added in the game but not their livery.


I’ve just made a new worlds stop longest flight ever from Singapore to Los Angeles
And I flew over the South Pole
Max fuel
2,348 kg of cargo
180 passengers
Aircraft is a380 Singapore Airlines


And it was non stop