What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


But over the South Pole



For now my longest flight lasted 3hrs39min with a 739 (Aeroflot) from URSS (Sochi) to EHAM(Schipol).
However I’m preparing a flight from LFPG (Paris) to UHMM (Magadan)


How did you manage the fuel ? Did you take off without any passengers and cargo or did you make stop over ?


Did a Perth to London (16-18 hours depending), but I’m hoping the 350-ULR comes out so I can do a Singapore to Newark


Amsterdam to Sin Maarten, just short of 9 hours in a KLM Boeing 787. I took off, climbed to cruising speed, slept, woke up for descent.


Lukla-russian airports leg1
Russian airports-VHHH(Hong kong) leg2
VHHH-RPLC(Clark intl) leg3
RPLC -WSSS(changi) leg4
Its a 15 day flight tho…


Non stop and it’s was 200 passengers and 1,465kg of cargo and max out fuel


My longest flight has been:
Perth (YPPH) to London (EGLL)
Qantas Boeing 787-9
More than 15 hours of flight time
I had crosswind during landing (like 20 knots…)


12h10min from Zurich to Los Angeles on Swiss on B777


This morning I landed a 16:13 ymml-ksfo on UAL b789


12hr flight from KJFK-OMDB


I flew from Canada to Europe. It was 10 hours and 35 mins. I flew a 767


My longest flight was 6 hours. Idk if I could handle any longer. 😂


Ive done KLAX-EPWA 12.5 hours
RJAA-KATL 12 hours
and some other long hauls


Auckland to Doha Qatar Airways B777-200LR
17 hours 30 minutes :)


I consider that short ;)


The longest flight I’ve done was from Shannon to Washington Dulles in an ACJ A318, it was around 6 and a half hours. (I may beat that this weekend with an 8 hour flight).


My longest flight was as QFA10 from London to Perth and lasted 15 hours and 56 minutes. (Might try to fly Perth to London which I believe is a 17 hour flight)


Flew the same flight (YMML-KSFO) took me 13 hours and 26 minutes. How come you took 16 hours to complete that flight?