What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


Mine had to be Los Angeles-Tokyo. 15 hours at Mach .85


I finished my newest longest last week, 15 Hours to Sydney from Las Vegas in the 777 Virgin Australia


I flew 7+ hours on a flight from KJFK to EGLL in a Boeing 777-200F


Just this morning I landed at heathrow after a 14 hour flight from singapore, making my longest flight in this game.


My longest flight to date would Perth to London. Second longest flight I guess would be flying a KC-10 from KDTW-RKSI-KDTW (I did get refueled in the air). But beyond that yea. I deleted like all my screenshots of my ipad to save space so don’t ask for pictures because I got non at the moment.


Perth to LAX in a 777-200LR was gonna land at DFW but didn’t have my timings right.


Now it is BIKF-KDEN, Iceland Air 752, 8 hours long


16 hours in a 777-300. One refuel.
BTW: It was Perth to London


Mumbai to San Francisco, Air India 777-200, 18+ hrs.


My longest would have to be KATL-RJAH. It was 15 hours 36 minutes in the 777-200LR.


9 hours and 28 minutes from Frankfurt(EDDF) to New York(KJFK) in a Lufthansa 747.


Mine will have to be 16 hours. Los Angeles to Tel Aviv on an El Al 777


auckland to london 20hrs and 45 minutes
(using waypoints)


Dallas to Hong Kong. About 16 hours. Fly it a couple times a month for @AmericanVirtual 😏


I’ve always wanted to fly that, it seems like a really nice route.


Agreed, seems like a modest kind of route, especially in a 772.


My longest was LHR to Salt Lake City, in a Delta 767


MDPC to EGLL, Almost 9 hours.


Mine was the 17 hr Qantas London heathrow to Perth nonstop. 17 hours long. I used the 787.


I just made a new non stop flight from yssy Sydney to egll London it took me 23hours 36 minutes with a380 Qantas