What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


Done that one. I still can’t believe that they can fly that IRL


I think so far my longest flight in IF was 7 hours and 12 minutes with British Airways ‘s boeing 787-9 dreamliner 😃


My longest No-Stop flight was around 26hrs, From KPAE - KPAE circumnavigating the globe in a Boeing 747-8 Boeing Cargo Livery.


I did JFK to SINGAPORE don’t know the callsign with the 787 pretending to be an A350. 18 hours 30 minutes was the time. Got a lot of XP.


Longest flight for me was KJFK to EGLL not that long


YMML-CYVR, about 15 hours of flight time


7hour cross Atlantic flight in an Air Canada B787-9 Dreamliner going from London Heathrow to Montreal.


Did you make stops to refill cos I don’t believe a Cessna 172 can go that far


People do it for the flight time and xp also sever grade to show how professional they are. If you do a long flight I recommend going to watch Netflix on a tv or another device or go out if you know you will arrive before it’s time to land.
I have only done a 7hr flight once because I never have time to do them.


I just did 14hr flt klax to omdb


It’s either Dubai to Boston or Buenos Aires to Auckland for me.


Lax - Perth
17h+ in the A380, was a nice way to keep me away from my iPad…


Longest flight so far was 8 hours and 16 minutes from EGLL to FAOR :)


Currently, my longest flight is EGGL-KORD in the Airbus A380 (26h+) without refueling! :-D


Don’t you have the global update


I have. Idk what you mean


I’ve done London to Perth/ Perth to London 16/17 hours direct flight several times in the 787-9.

Next big one will be Qatar to New Zealand, the longest current commercial flight. They were on an iPad, by the way. This was from a few months ago…


Excellent - I’d like to give that a go. Did you set that odd route yourself? In all the time I’ve used this sim, I was unaware you could do such a thing, unless of course you flew it manually? Just out of interest.


Yes, I did the route myself. I made this route because I wanted to make the longest flight as possible.


My longest flight is Los Angeles to Minneapolis non stop. 3 hours 35 minutes.