What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I think my longest is about 12hrs WSSS-EDDF along with @Capt.SkyWalker 😉


Flew ATL to Dublin about 10 hrs


It is late in the evening, wait no way, it is morning 00;08 and I stay together with my Thai airways A380 from Bangkok to Frankfurt, when I saw it right, 9 1/2 hours of flight and close around 5000NM.

Thats my newest and longest flight at the moment


YMML - OMSJ A380, 13 Hours.


WSSS-KEWR Over Europe 19 hours


Klax to egll in a a380


Around 18 hour and 20 mins from Perth to London.


My longest flight was MUNN to KJFK 4 hrs 50 mins


KBOS-KLAX-YSSY-YPPH. Around 26.5 hours


My longest flight was with 777-200LR Qatar airways from Auckland To Doha around 16 hours


Well, I had once done a round the world cargo flight in IF that lasted 32 odd hours with multiple destinations, but if you’re asking me for the longest flight I’ve flown between two airports, that would be KSFO-VIDP (Air India 777-200LR) with a flight time of about 15.5hrs.


My longest flight was very long… Auckland to Doha around 16 hours and 30 min. Had to plan a step climb. It was the Qatari 777-200LR


My longest is 12:20 mins From KLAX to NZAA In the 787


18 hours perth to vancouver in a air canada 777-200LR


13 hours and 29 minutes doing a flight with British Airways B777-300ER from EGLL to SAEZ.


I did a 16 hours and 47 minutes flight from KATL-ZSPD in a B777-200LR for Delta VA. My previous longest was around 16 hours and 20 minutes or so, but I don’t remember the specifics.


If love to hear the covo on a 911 call. She’s unconscious! Sorry love I’m playing infinite flight.


Well so I beated my last record of Wsss-Eddf(12hr) by doing a flight last night i. E. WSSS-KEWR(18.13hr)


I believe my longest was NZAA-EGLL-NZAA. My iPad was on for a little over 40 hours

Aircraft: A380


my longest flight was EGLL to YPPH

It was 16.5 Hrs