What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


My longest flight was VHHH-LFPG in a Air France Skyteam 777-300ER, it took me 15 hours.


Only 2 hours and 6 mins. Flew from KJFK to KATL in a 787-8. I plan to do a overseas flight soon. Just can decide where too!


For short flights, I would recommend using an airplane much smaller than the 787-8.


Yeah, I agree with you, just trying to get comftorable with the 787-8. What would you recommend for flights around 2 hours?


I’d recommend possibly a CRJ, A320 family, or 737 family.


Thanks, defintely will give them a go.


My longest now is 16 hours lax to Dubai.


I was originally planning to fly between Newark and Singapore using the Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10, but soon after takeoff I hit turbulence. Eventually, it was too turbulent to continue the flight to Singapore so I decided to divert to Montreal and make a emergency landing. A emergency evacuation of the aircraft soon followed. After that, I took the aircraft back to Newark and got 1,041 XP


I also did a 3 hour 36 minute flight from Nairobi to Dubai using a Kenya Airways Boeing 787


Just complete my CGK to EWR on GA 77W


Perth (YPPH) to Los angles (KLAX), 20 hrs in a delta b777-200LR


I just got done with a 17 hr 10 min flight from OMAA to KLAX so it was that flight or my YPPH to EGLL flight was the longest. Could not find the London flight in my logbook


Oh, god. Probably KJFK-KORD, lmao. I don’t have such time for very long haul flights.


15 hours LAX to DUBAI


EGLL-Sydney Australia VERY VERY LONG 10/10 Recomend


My longest flight is Dubai to New York; but I diverted to Boston because I had to go to school. 13 bloody hours on an Emirates A380, cool!


My new longest was KLAX to KJFK in a 787-8. Great scenery throughout the flight. Took a total of 5 hours and 20 mins.


12hr flight from queen alia to detroit


According to IF logbook, my longest flight was on SEP13, 787-10 FAOR-KNRB (Johannesburgh-Mayport), 17:09, being 12:43 day and 4:26 night.
I suspect I was flying to KJAX but had a crash on the way about 4 minutes before arrival.


12HR’S from klax to auckland.