What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?



I did a 3hr 30mins flight from Sydney to Nadi


19hrs from EGLL-YSSY.


16:30 hours from KLAX to WSSS. Love long hauls


Long Hauls are always fun!

I always start 1 hour before my school starts and by the time I get back, (depends on flight) it’s more than half way done.

Don’t mind that wrong fix


I did a 13 hours. Accra to Addis Ababa then did a refuel then flew to Singapore.Via Ethiopian Airline.


I regularly fly long hauls, for example, I flew CYVR - NZAA 3 days ago, then today I flew, LTBA - WSSS, and I am taxiing to runway for KSJC - RJAA


My Longest flight NZAA (Auckland) to EIDW (Dublin) in an A380 heading Westerly. 23 hours and 55 mins lol


Ah!! I want to fly soo much. But, I have an 3 day long mid term exam next week so no flying for me until it’s done.


18 hour WSSS-KEWR opening celebration flight!


18hr 30mins EGKK-YSSY. I hope to do a WSSS-WSSS long way round soon


He could’ve used his iPad like me…I’ve almost reached 9hrs and i’m going a real life 16 hours flight…in still in flight. i’m going from KIAH to KSYD…i went to sleep, and woke up, game was still running no lag and plane is following its routes soo everything is okay…


My average flight is around 11-13 hours I think the top I’ve hit is DFW to YSSY at around 17 hours with taxiing. My goal is to eventually have some friends refuel me so be able to make a 24+ hour flight.


Sorry, where is this airport again? Are you talking about Sydney Airport in Australia? If so, the ICAO is not KSYD but it is YSSY. The IATA code of Sydney Airport is SYD.


Mine was 8hrs 30 from HJKJ to LFPG using the 787-8 with Kenya Airways


Yes…my mistake it’s KIAH to YSSY…i’m still in flight…but i’m sad because i have 20K LBS of fuel left and 400NM always, a380 with 2 engines off. at 20 ATL


and i just hit 16hrs and 21 mins…hopefully someone is at the Yssy for me to request a emergency landing.


I am en route to RJAA in a 7810 for ANA, I hate that I have to use this aircraft to fly from SJC to RJAA. It should
be clocking in at around 11 hours.


That’s why we need to vote for this aircraft.


My longest nonstop flight was YPPH-EGLL. 17hrs long. I had a 26hr session flying KSJC-PHNL-KPDX-KSEA-KSFO


My longest flight was a mauritius LFPG quite some time ago. Took me about 11h… I tend to fly 1 hour flights most of time, due to be supposed to earn a living, though…