What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I flew for 13.5 hours from Hong Kong to DFW in an American 773 and 12 hours from Amman to ORD in a Royal Jordanian 788


I flew about 17 hours from KLAX to OMDB.


i did the same one but mines what 20hr an 18mins


Not the longest by any means, but still a good length for long haul - 17.5hrs KJFK-WSSS


Longest flight i’ve done is YSSY to EGGL on Qantas 787


Doha To NewYork a 12 hours and 30 minutes flight
I used a Qatar Airways B777-300ER OneWorld Livery
Qatar Airways is the best


Auckland to Doha - 16 hours.


I did a 26 hour 13 minute flight in an A380, Test Flight 428 Heavy from JFK to Townsville.


New longest:
DL58 KBOS-EGLL on expert
flight time of 5:36


Right now at this moment im doing a flight from botswana to hawaii 8 hours left to go


FT of 7 hours


Just finished my longest nonstop flight ever !!! I hope this is one of the longest flights recorded in this thread!

Wellington, NZ(NZWN) to Madrid, ES (LEMD)
12,300nm / 22,780km
25 hrs 45 min

Note: This is also the worlds longest direct flight by greater circle distance (11,750nm direct). No other 2 airports in the world have a direct distance more than these two. Unfortunately, no airline currently serves this route in real life.


Aerospace technology is advanced but not very advanced currently, probably in another 20 years or so when a new aircraft emerges in the market with a longer range than A350-900ULR.


Virgin 19
About 12 hours(had over 100kts headwind at some point)


Infinite Flight B787-10
ENGM-(something (near California, maybe KLAX))-KJFK-LSZH-VCBI-OMDB-VCBI-SBGR
Around 62 hours.


Around 14 Hours
Luckily I had @SkysTheLimit87 to keep me company.


I loaded up a 787x with a full tank, step climbed, and was able to go CYYZ-WSSS, in about 17hours.


Did you mistype one of those airport codes? Toronto to Newark?


Meant to say CYYZ-WSSS lol, guess I got messed
up with all of these KEWR-WSSS comments


My most recent was Toronton to Singapore 16hrs~