What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


25 hours in a 747-8, i flew as long as i could before i crashed. ☺️


Just finished a ~3.5 hr flight from PANC to KSEA. And that landing was number 25, so it bumped me to grade 2! Hooray ATC!


Haha!, good luck in IF future, keep up the flying and you should be G4 in no time!


I was aiming to go with a Emirates 777-300ER or A380 but the wing flex on the B787 is cool looking while in the air and i like the color of the BA787 engines.


I did a London to Auckland in a 777-200lr 21 hours total verrrrrrry long flight.


Earned a total of 12,000 xp


G how is this possible


Qatar Boeing 777-200LR


The longest flight I’ve done is LAX to LHR, 9hr and 20 mins


Strong tailwinds and full fuel


Haha that’s true!..


JFK to Moscow 9 17 over 4.thousand miles. And one massive neck ache after


My longest flight was near 17 hours. From KLAX to OMDB.


EGLL-YPPH for me. Was a really long flight.


How long was your flight?


About 19 hours maybe?


Dubai - KLAX


✈New Record✈

Flight for one day with B772 aircraft. Finally I was able to finish it yesterday. And this is non-stop flights and without transit from Auckland to Lisbon for 24 hours and a half. Previously I had made a flight at that time from Jakarta to Panama for more than 21 hours
Distance : 10.956 nm / 20.290 km


Maybe a personal best for you but not a new record. Someone has 28 hrs straight in the 777-200ER. Others are documented having 25 and 26 hours in it.


Yes at that time i saw someone flying with the B772 for more than 24 hours, but this was the farthest flight I had while playing on Unlimited Flight. At first I wanted to try to fly from WIII to WIII, but I didn’t have time to try it. And next week I will try to fly more than that😂 @USA007