What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


That realism in that video blew me away bro.


Yeah, I know it’s bad quality, but now I would do it better ;)


Finished my longest flight ever, Dubai to Los Angeles
In a british airways 787-9. One of the most beautiful flights i’ve done in this game
I stopped at Salt Lake City for a quick refuel hence the lenghty flight time, i only spent 5 minutes on the ground though.


Has anyone been keeping track of the flight times? I need a record to break, assuming my previous one has been broken…


Now its to Iceland ;)


Yep! KORD-BIFK, streamed the ending part. Forgot alot but 'twas fun.


You can set up the flight and leave it while you’re sleeping.


Why British Airways?


What was your previous one?


My longest was a 45 min flight from Southampton to Amsterdam shipcol and a 42 min flight from gatwick to jersey so not really long flights


My longest flight was KSFO to ZUUU 13 hr flight with United B787-9


YSSY-CYVR, 14.5 hrs, want to try FAOR-KATL soon


Just make sure your flight isn’t too short, I’ve woken up past my destination with only a couple hundred pounds of fuel several times.


my longest is LAX to AMS. In regards to night flying I did a flight from ORD to AMS, when I woke up, I was in italy and landed in Rome.


The QVG event flight yesterday EGLL - YSSY in the B744. Only 1 of us made it non-stop, the rest of us stopped in YBAS to re-fuel. 19hrs 19 mins total flight time for me. It was epic!


1hr 58 minutes… KSFO-KDEN


46 hours I think. I’m considering trying to go a week straight… but I’m not sure the iPad can handle that… I’d hate for it to crash without proof and waste all that time.


You used to be so nice to me… 😂😂


My longest I don’t remember the exact hours but I know the hour part 😂
OMDB-YSSY around 14.5-15 hours
OMDB-KMEM around 14-15
OMDB-KLAX tbh it was long ago I really don’t remember but it was like 15-17
KSFO-crash around 15 hours I was like 1 hour out of Dubai
OMDB-DFW Uh tbh again I don’t really remember 16-17 hours


My longest flight was to KDFW from YSSY. The flight lasted around 15:30. I would highly recommend.