What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

Takeoff from Seattle International, towards east, landing at Everette Airport. That took 33h49m.


It’s fine, everybody does this

My new longest flight is 19:55 from EGLL-YSSY in the MD-11. But I plan to break that record soon with EGLL-NZAA with the MD-11

My longest flight would be the very one i am doing

YSSY-EGLL with a stop off at WSSS

Around 19 hour long

Until I do Dubai → Miami for a virtual trip in June, this is my new record at 14 hours and 19 minutes from LAX to Sydney!

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I just finished this flight on the A380, mine was a bit shorter. A great route for sure!

My longest flight was LTFM-CYUL 9 hours with the A350 Turkish Airlines!

One of my longest flights i did was the 777-300er. I did a 20-hour flight with that aircraft from Sydney Australia all the way to Madrid Spain. It was fun, and i got to maximize the 777-300er to its fullest range.

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I literally just finished my longest flight yet: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 KBOS - KSAN!


My longest flight was from EGLL-ZSPD in Boeing 777-200ER(British Airways )
About 13 hours

Toulouse New Caledonia
19 hours 55 minutes
Airbus 350 Airbus livery