What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

KLAX-KJFK, 5hrs. I usually fly short haul so that’s why.

i did a 14 hours flight from doha to new york, yeah my life is that empty t t

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Mine is VHHH-KJFK of 16hrs.

My long flight was flying across the U.S. from KEDW (Edwards AFB) to KTTS (Kennedy Space center) on a 747-SCA

How long did this take?

Atlanta to Bangalore which was a celebratory flight with Lufty Virtual. Talking real world flights it was Buenos Aires to Frankfurt with Lufthansa

Forgot about how long

My longest flight was New York to Hong Kong which was 16 hours but it was an over night flight so I only had to wait 7 hours to land🥲
Airline;Cathay Pacific

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Finishing my longest right now. KNZY-Wherever I run out of fuel. Planning around 106 hours of Flight time

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