What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

Until this day, my longest flight (non-stop) is still from Miami to Perth but flying the other way round over Atlantic, middle east, Indian ocean, to Perth, Australia flight time over 23 hours, If you tap on my profile, I should have the feature topic there (Rotate of 24 hours flight)

My longest non stop flight has to have been 41 hours. Using the KC10 and having another KC10 refueling me… lol. I think I could’ve gone for longer but the other person left.

were you the one who posted a topic about it a few moths ago?

not sure… I know theres a page of longest flights and i asked if my flight counts. They said no since it had mid air refueling. Not sure about topic.

just went back and found the question. And no, i didnt make any topic. The Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Records Database - #136 by Comif

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I flew 2 hours from Seattle to San diego

I guess my longest GA flight was KSUN-00ID in an XCUB it took about 3H 11MIN. Heres the screenshot topic on it. Group flight through the idaho backcountry KSUN-00ID

I have revived this topic, my new longest is EGLL-YPPH which I did over the summer

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Just finished this morning, my longest flight ever from Jeju, South Korea 🇰🇷 to Saint-Denis de la Reunion 🇫🇷. Flight time is 11 hours and 19 minutes

KLAX - EDDM in a Boeing 737-700. Non stop of course.

My longest flight was SBGR-SBGL-KLAX-RJAA

A flight maded by varig, it was a great route made by Varig. It’s was a real route

My God, how much XP did you get from that session?

mine is ceiba airlines delivery flight from KPAE-FKKD it was over 13 hours long

I’m currently on my last leg of an 11 hour flight in the 777-300ER

Darwin-Istambul Qantas113 14:47h 787-9

It’s actually less than you think, you get way more xp from pattern work than from long haul flights.

Los Angeles - Singapore 18:13h A330-9

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My longest flight was around 10 hours, it was an overnight flight from EGLL to KLAX in the 777-300er.

my longest flight was around 17hrs 35min the route wsss-kjfk in the a350-900

Sydney to Buenos Aires (Qantas 787-9) around 14 hours