What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


I today startet my flight to try beating you record. My personal one is about 78hrs or so don’t know anymore


Good luck dear I can’t wait to hear from you .

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@iidvdii Don’t expect an answer about the result in the next 190hrs 😉 i am busy with flying 😂 but you always can check my rout on Live Flight

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I found you on the map I will keep track you once every day .

Map-Flight | live tracker for Infinite Flight Server&flight=e903ec50-5220-4163-8a37-1249b1a06947

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Answered here before ofc with the EGLL-YSSY flight but now I am breaking that record with 22 hrs of flight time from SBGR to RJTT, just passed alaska and now I am near Eastern Russia

Madrid to Auckland. 24hours B777-200LR And black to Madrid with A350

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8 hours 30 min OMDB WSSS