What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

Dang, that’s incredible.

Thanks! But you should see some of those people who do 30 hour flights! Like how?!

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I nearly made a 20hr flight with an A380

Alright this isn’t a non-stop flight but what i did was…

Dubai —> Karachi —> Dubai —> Osaka (Kansai) —> Dubai —> Orlando —> Dubai —> Stockholm —> Dubai.

Aircraft: 777-300ER
Airliner: Emirates

A whopping 60h flight but with stops obviously, i pretty much hit the limit of the sim as i received the throttle cut massage forcing my plane to shut all of it’s engines and stall, therefore i ended my flight 1h away from landing at Dubai on my way back from Stockholm.


That is actually something new I heard. A throttle cut message at 60 hours. Can anyone else confirm this?

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Yup, @Schyllberg can confirm that ;)
And the Devs as well since about 60h is the max capacity of consecutive flying without ending the flight, only flying on and on… before throttle cut come in power to mess it all up…

Around 60 to 70hrs is maximum as of now!

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Well that sure puts an asterisk to the title “Infinite Flight”


Throttle cut message? Never heard of that.

It’s not a limit by design. It’s a minor bug we’re trying to figure out.

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Well at least the bug is limiting us from flying for longer periods of time.

Like 11 hours ago I finished doing pattern work at KLAX, because I crashed while doing a touch & go. I did pattern work there for about 5 hours and 10 minutes.

VABB - Bombay to FACT - Capetown using an Air India 747-400
11 hours 19 minutes

VABB - Bombay to EGLL - London Heathrow using an Etihad 787-10
10 hours 26 minutes

I actually have done 2 10 hour flights before, one between PVG and SFO, and one between LHR and YYC

Currently in the midst of a 15+ hour Cessna flight to Europe from New York. I’m almost done for the night.

From Amsterdam Schipol to Tokyo Narita ANA 787-10, it took 11 hours

KIAD-WSSS United 789
Granted, there was a stop in KSEA but last leg was 18h. Will recreate soon, maybe will break record with KJFK-YSSY/YPPH or LFPG-NTAA

EIDW TO KSFO 10.5 hours

I’ve done some long flights here are a few my longest being Singapore to Keflavik as a test in the 787-10 for 14 hours and 5 mins

EDDF - KORD United 777-200ER, 9 hrs 45 min. Was supposed to be 8.5 hours but the headwinds from the jet stream were not helping me the whole way over!

It depends on you can land or not. I have a 41 hour and 30 min flight in a DC-10. Started at YSSY, refuelled at KJFK then VTBD then back to YSSY.

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