What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

Yay. I finally did it. Riyadh to Sydney in 12 hours 40 minutes

Mine was AC33 YVR-SYD in a 77L. About 14h 30mins long

That’s what I’m saying. My flight is shorter than yours

My longest flight was UAL79, from KEWR (EWR) to RJAA (NRT), in a UAL 777-200ER (Normally operated by a B77W) The scenery was interesting over Alaska.

Currently on my 2nd Longest :)



The one and only SQ22, 18 long hours!

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My longest flight was Sydney | YSSY | to Zurich | LSZH | About 19 1/2 hours

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Longest non-stop flight ever by me 23 hours 40 minutes A350-900XWB from Honolulu PHNL to Johannesburg FAOR on Training Sever
Thanks to @Recxx / @Matt93 / @vansh_purohit for being amazing ATC


I can’t fly for that long 🤣 but that would be an amazing flight to do 23 hours 👀 most I’ve done was 14-15 hours congrats man 👊🏽👍

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Mine was over 17 hours … LTFM-YSSY recently with Turkish Airlines A350. Ever wanted to test fly for TK 🙃😊 … it is really amazing how far this can fly. I had never reached MAX and still got as far as 220 pax and 15000kg freight. Respect for the team

Sao Paulo —> Paris (Took like 9hours and 40 minutes)

edit: Now Shangai to Mexico City (12hours 50 minutes)

My longest flight was also the shortest flight.

Not too long but I did EGLL-VHHH, Virgin 789, 13:30 FT

My longest flight was London to Sydney, 20 hours 18 minutes

The longest flight I’ve logged so far was from EGLL-YSSY which was 20hrs and 43mins.

NTAA (Tahiti) - Paris Charles de GAULLE. (LFPG) avec le 787-9 (18 heures)


Paris (LFPG) to Santiago de Chile (SCEL) more than 17 hours

Also think about flying from Paris to Auckland, The straight line threw Scandinavia, Russia east Asia, and some pacific islands could give me such beautiful landscapes !!

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I have done that one take 22 hours

Ear-sin! Flew over the north pole!