What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?

Yeah, I am not a fan either when people do this but its up to you how much you want to get from your flight sim experience.

Currently a couple of hours into my longest flight. Should be a total of 17 hours when i land.

By far my longest non-stop un-refueled flight in the KC-10. Flew from The Naval Support Facility at Diego Garcia to MCAS Yuma. Total flight time just over 18 hours.

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I flew from Dubai to Los Angeles.
Almost 16hr ✈️✈️

Just did Los Angeles to Dubai (16 hours exactly). Seems to be a popular route @Ali_Alawami

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I did WSSS-KEWR just a few hours ago with a 787-10 and broke my record again with 17:43 hours. It was a group flight with the IFVARB of the month (Singapore Virtual)


I have Flown KLAX-EGKK // Flight Time: 10:51

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My longest flight was some months ago and it was about 12 hours in a flight from EDDF (Frankfurt) to SBCT (Curitiba) in a Lufthansa Boeing 777-200F. It was a Cargo Flight btw. I also flew once in a 12 hours as well from EGLL (London-Heathrow) to SBGR (São Paulo-Guarulhos) in a LATAM Brasil Boeing 787-900. I don’t remember which one was the longest lol

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Here’s a challenge. KLAX-RJTT but go the long way.


Did you make it?

I just landed this morning. 15 hours and 51 minutes. I did Hong Kong-Memphis with a Cathay pacific 777. I know this may not be a real route but it fit my schedule perfectly so I did that.

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Mine was WSSS- KJFK


50 minutes because i don’t havr pro lol

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In an Air Berlin 737!? 😂

I don’t think that will make it.


I did 16 hours


LHR-SYD Qantas Airbus A380 it was 18-19ish hours

Nice pictures but Mach 0.87 is way too fast for a 737. You should be cruising at 0.79-0.80

Honolulu to Auckland with the Air New Zealand 787-9 8H 30Mins

When was I cruising at M 0.87?