What is your longest flight in Infinite Flight?


A few hours ago I landed after a +4H flight with a 787 Air France :D KPSP-KSAN (Callsign: AF119)

I did it! 17 hrs 35 min flight
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What was the longest flight that you’ve ever completed on Global?
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i did a 7 hour flight about a year ago in the a380


Im still flying since i started the sim , who says what goes up must come down ?


I have done 3hr 35 mins.


2 hours, was meant to be a 6 hour flight but flying in circles got boring


Did a 1h49m, KNUC to KNUC.


I think around 1 hour 30 minutes. If I wanted to do anything longer, I’d just do it on desktop.


1h 10mins in a C208 WSSS to WMKK via all the airports in between


My longest flight took, if I remember correctly, 4.5 days.


That’s a total lie. Like somebody won’t use their phone for anything except Infinite Flight for 4 1/2 days. Like your phone didn’t lag. Like you didn’t get any important notifications. 😂


Or any phone calls that crash your game? (Happens to me all the time)


I did a 7 hours once. Took off from KSFO and flew around the region for 7 hours until finally landing at KHAF. Yes this was all on the Expert Server


No, I did not really fly 4.5 days!


My longest flight was about 6 hours. From 4HO to Chicago in a Cessna 172.


8 hours of AFK flying. Crossed the SoCal region diagonally 7 times


Well, I was on short final after a 3hr long flight - was comin’ in nice - everything seemed right… until IF crashed… :(


You’re on a cargo plane parking spot right there.
The passenger terminal is on the other side of the runway.


32 ~ hours, I know highly unrealistic IRL but back then when global was announced and throttle wasnt cut, I bought myself a tablet ( basically only for IF global ) and flew San Diego to Madagascar and back in a 748 on casual. Returning to the region after that flight was probably the best moment Ive had in IF so far.


4 hours with @zbelle and @SkyHighGuys around the Seattle region some time ago. That was the first and last time until global is released. Flying in circles is highly overrated.


How do you people spend more than an hour flying. Ate your life’s that empty? I can barely do a 30 min flight, let alone 7 hours.