What is your longest flight in IF?


7hrs and and a bit


Longest flight : LFPG (Paris) to SAEZ (Buenos Aires). 12h52min with an Air France B772


Remember, there was once a time when you could fly with infinite fuel… prior to active fuel burn lol


I am 40 minutes out from landing in Tokyo Narita, Japan. My flight was DEN - NRT (KDEN-RJAA) and it is taking about 11 hours and 14 minutes.

DEN-NRT = 11 hours 4 minutes in a Boeing 787-9


I flew Emirates’ longest flight from Dubai to New Zealand. Total flight time was 15hrs and 13 minutes


Second attempt of Perth to New York, last time I stopped intentionally at Brisbane for gas, this time I started circling LA at 2am and had to land


20 hours and 40 min.


(Milan Malpensa) LIMC - KLAX (Los Angeles) / 11h 51min


If you get an a380 and load it full of fuel and nothing else, get to FL310, and shut off two engines at M 0.8, you can get 33 hours. And, it would be more since the plane would get lighter. 45 hours might be doable


DTW-PDX which was around 4 hours


If you never refueled and this was non-stop, I believe it would be a new record!
Also, which aircraft was this?


B789, I also just re-did the flight for a third time, I made it to Chicago, flight was 9800nautical miles before I circled down to Chicago


I’m gonna re-attempt it once I renew my IF subscription in a day or two


22hours 40 min. KCMH-YPPH.


Load the 77L with max fuel, no other weight, take off. Wait a day and see where you crashed.


16hrs. LAX to Singapore


Not at all realistic… irl a four engine aircraft is only designed to run on two engines in an emergency situation until it can hopefully land safely in the shortest possible amount of time…and as far as saving fuel…you would normally probably have to adjust other avionic factors not inherently inclusive to IF for only two engine operation !!!


Ok I’m aware that it’s not realistic, I’m just saying it possible


12hr 55 min flight from LAX to BNE


15 hours san franciso-new delhi